hello again! I have nothing to say this time!



exo, kpop, and exo lightstick image dyed hair, colorful hair, and hairdye image exo, lay, and zhang yixing image aesthetic, art, and white image asian, sunset, and asthetic image cat, cats, and adorable image makeup image colors, cotton candy, and purple image


the most dangerous person is the one who listens, thinks and observes
black and white, gray, and apps image bubble tea, cute eyes, and eyes image aesthetic, carefree, and alt image jungkook, bts, and lq image catholicism, priest, and Sunday image ray and the promised neverland image night, nsfw, and sex image feminism, freedom, and quote image


you could never deal with how real I was
black girl, blue hair, and carefree image abs, adidas, and girl image water, aesthetic, and summer image Image by Private User Image by 🍃M o S t L y 🌸 F a S h I o N 🌸 & K p o P🍃 study and studies image cross stitch, embroidery, and flowers image hangul, fighting, and korea image


be fearless as the women whose stories you have applauded
Harry Styles, harry, and one direction image books image Image removed alternative, 80s, and body positive image home, bed, and glasses image star wars, city girl, and yoda image dog, shihtzu, and shih tzu image cat, laugh, and memes image


she could be my daughter, she only knows how to laugh and sleep
girl, ️lana del rey, and music image music, quotes, and life image quotes, inspiration, and life image aesthetic, baby, and family image all star, building, and bus image big boobs, boobs, and self love image cat image faceless, tumblr, and aesthetic image

Luna (me)

i think too much, i feel too deeply, what a dangerous combination
idea, inspiration, and pizza image black white, header, and shin hoseok image Image by lexane20187 fashion, aesthetic, and golden image friends, travel, and car image Image by غـديـر▪Ghadir alternative, empowerment, and females image aesthetic, aesthetics, and black image

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