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[tw: mention of sexual assault, depression, generalized anxiety, alcoholism, and some spoiler from the show]
Full Name: Lana Camille Houset
Aliases: Agent Houset; Ass-Kicker, Blondie, and Pikachu
Birthday: February 20th, 1981
Birthplace: Longjumeau, France
Career: Profiler, SSA, and psychoanalyst
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Lana has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes. She has rosy cheeks. She's small by size and has a mid-weight. Lana has a big mole above her lips on the right side of her face and a lot of little ones all over her face and body.
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Lana is hypersensitive, curious, stubborn, big-headed, vegetarian, realistic, hot-blooded, caring, and a very anxious person. She was born with ADD and had to deal with it during her childhood. She always refused to take treatment, which can seem stupid, but she wanted to show the world she could succeed with this disorder.
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Everyday style:
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Lana has various styles. She likes casual clothes overall but can wear a black turtleneck shirt, or a white blouse and wearing at the same time a floral dress. However, no matter what outfit she wears, she's mainly wearing combat boots every day with her outfit.
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Penny prefers dark clothes when it comes to dressing at work. A little less Boheme and a little more passe-partout. Clothes that stick the skin to kick some ass.
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She doesn't have a lot of free time, but when she does, she goes for a walk in nature listening to music, she likes to swim to drive away negative thoughts, she likes gardening and watches her favorite old movies.
Mother : Christelle Aubert,
Father : Eric Houset
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Lana is an only child. Her parents came from Paris' suburbs to live in America. They settled in Manassas, Virginia in their thirties. Lana has a very close bond with her separated parents, Christelle, she suffers from depression and generalized anxiety, for which she was under treatment her whole life. Regarding her father, Eric is an ex-alcoholic, which affected Lana, he never was violent toward her but when he drunk he was angrier towards the world. He quit drinking when Lana was sixteen years old. When Lana went to Quantico to become a part of the BAU she stayed close of them but still have a difficult relationship with them/
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Lana grew up in a loving family, she was really close to her parents. The trouble was in school. Boys in middle school used to bully her, they sexually harassed her, but one in particular, named Adrian sexually abused her many times as she was only twelve. This awful nightmare will end only when she reached 14, Adrian gets expelled from the establishment. Her parents will try to help her, but Lana always refused, scared. These aggressions will traumatize her, giving her eating disorders and generalized anxiety, her life was, from now on, dictated by panic attacks every time someone touched her.
Studies and career:
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Lana first studied social anthropology, psychoanalysis, then she specified in forensic psychology at the BAU. She wasn't an SSA in the first season, she will pass the contest to be a supervisory special agent in season two.
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Lana lives in a one-floor small house. there are two bedrooms, a small living room behind the kitchen, and every room is full of green plants and flowers. She has a vast garden where she plants tomatoes when the spring comes. She lives there with her daughter.
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Lana always was a cat person, so it would make sense she'll have a cat. first, Spencer didn't want a cat and he pretended he was allergic, but she found Max outside in the snow when he was a kitten. She picked him up, and they fall in love with each other, the three of them.
Best friends:
Aaron Hotchner
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Aaron Hotchner and Penny actually kind of grew up together. They were neighbors, and Hotch as a kid used to come play at their home when his father was violent towards him. They kind of drifted apart when Aaron left to study at Washington, but he always asked for news, even far away from her. They founded their way back to each other when Penny came to work at the BAU in the 1x06. Their relationship in the show is a complex thing, they both trust each other with their lives, they rely on one and another, but they tend to fight every time they disagree, but when they agree they make the best duo of the bureau. They're soulmates, their bound cannot be soiled by anything. After his wife, Haley, died, they grew closer and seemed to create a subtle romantic bond but then, Hotch left, and she never got to see him again. JJ said to Penny that he was probably in love with her, but it was never meant to be.
Emily Prentiss
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Emily Prentiss and Pen immediately hooked when they met, it was when Emily was hired, she directly fell for her soul. She was how Emily was devoted, and passionate about her work here. They shared passions, love for cats, points of view, and work capacity. They always love to confess their most intimate secrets with a glass of wine outside and they hug each other when one is feeling blue. Pen covered her when she went to Paris. Emily learned french with her, since Penny has french roots, Spencer was mad at Penny for keeping that secret from him.
Derek Morgan
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Derek and Penny weren't always that close. They used to fight a lot at work because their opinions on justice and way of doing their jobs differ a lot, and how stubborn they both are. They bounded as the years went by, they cared about their survival and their safety. Derek and Pen truly became close friends when Penny learned about Derek's past. She was upset that he never told her what he lived as a child, as he knew what she has been through during her whole middle school, but she understood how difficult it is sometimes to just talk about it. They truly created a connection and now they're fighting about protecting one and another.
Penelope Garcia
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Penelope is Penny's rainbow girl, Pen Pen loves the fact that she's always such a ray of sunshine, especially with her. Garcia is always the first one to cheer up Penny and to give her some positive advice and good vibes. There is so much love and kindness between them. They're both anti-specist, as Penny and Penelope are vegetarians and ecologists, they both like to talk about their way of consuming. The girls like to garden together and to go thrift shopping.
Love Interests:
Sean Hotchner
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Sean and Penny used to date when they were kids, they were always in the same classes. He stood up for her when she was bullied that was when they started dating, but Sean never knew when they were young how far it went. Being with someone healing from a trauma is not always easy, and experiencing a trauma is worst. They tried to make it work for a few years with loads of break-ups but they were never good for each other. They'd been on and off for 3 years until they were both 18 years old in 1999.
Julie Antons
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Julie was Penny's crush for a long time in college, when Julie finally decided to kiss her at a uni's party. they dated for a year and a couple of months but they kept hurting each other by laying their expectations on their relationship. we learn they were dating and at the same Pen's bisexuality in one case in season 5, where Julie is here.
Spencer Reid
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Spencer and Penny had been friends for a long time before they'd start dating. They always had a crush on each other since the day they met but they're both shy and silly, they needed a little hand from outside. They started living together in season eight and they had a daughter. Despite their love for each other, Spencer couldn't in season 12, they will split up, before finally getting back together again.
Jane Diana Thomas-Reid
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Jane Diana Thomas-Reid is Spencer and Penny's only child. She's the perfect combination of her two parents, dirty/ash blonde hair, light green eyes, a few freckles on her nose, and perfect cheeks. Jane was expected and born in 2015. She's already stubborn like her mother and talkative like her father.
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