What proof is given for campaign execution?
Photograph of car (With 4 doors wrapped) provided as campaign proof.

What is Car Advertising / Cab Branding / Taxi Advertising?
How much does it cost for Taxi Advertising services in Lucknow?
What is the minimum number of cars required for “Taxi Advertising” campaign in Lucknow?
Are the printing and mounting costs included in the prices (mentioned above) for car advertising services in Lucknow?
Is there any separate permission required in Lucknow for advertisement to execute taxi advertising campaign?
What is the material used to print advertisement/ sticker that are put on cabs for “Car Branding” campaigns in Lucknow?
Can we change the creative on the cars while "Taxi Branding" campaign is live in Lucknow?
What is the minimum duration for Taxi advertising / Cab advertising / Car branding campaign in Lucknow?
Are the taxes included in the above mentioned price for cab branding campaign in Lucknow?
Who is responsible for any torn/damage of creative while such transit media campaigns are live?
Have MyHoardings done any such advertising campaigns in Lucknow in the past?
Apart from Lucknow, can you execute Car advertising campaigns in rest of UP as well?