Hi my lovelies! Welcome back!

Today's article is a bit of an apology article, because I haven't posted in a while and I'm super sorry, I know whenever I ghost one of my blogs I apologize and say I'll be better at posting, but then I ghost them again, and it's very frustrating. But, I have a new system in a plan that might take a while. Still, I think this might work! So, here is my summer bucket list! Hopefully, you like it. Here you go!

1. Positive bathroom grafiti-
We all need a pick me up, and I think this is an excellent one, I know it's breaking the rules, but it gets the message across, and I think it's worth it. I know I'd be smiling if I saw a little happy message.

beautiful, mirror, and you image quotes, gorgeous, and pink image

2. Go on picnic's everyday-
I, for one, am a big fan of picnics, I think they're fun and awesome and even more fun with friends, so I'm going to challenge myself to having a picnic each day. Why not?

flowers, aesthetic, and green image picnic, aesthetic, and nature image

3. Leave a book somewhere where people can see and open it, and write: 'What's your most favourite thing in the world?'-
I think this is such a cute idea, I want to be able to go back everyday and see what people wrote. I know that obviously, some people will be silly and write rude things, but still, it's aimed for the people that are dreamers!

notebook, bench, and favorite image grunge, art, and black image

4. Find a tree and tie ribbons with things I am grateful for written on them on the branches of the tree-
I can't wait to do this idea, it gives me so much joy to picture a tree with all these multi-coloured ribbons with things I love!

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5. Go ice skating-
No explanation needed, it's one of my favourite things to do!

winter, black and white, and city image dance, frozen, and ice image

6. Find a cafe just for me-
You know in movies when all the characters meet up at a cafe? I want that, I want to have a favourite cafe that is just a place to meet up at, hang around. You know?

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7. Find my own star-
I want a star of my own that I can look up to and recognise, and feel happy.

aesthetic, gif, and stars image Temporarily removed

8.Claim a tree-
This could be my wish tree, or another tree, it doesn't matter, it would e a place to visit, carve messages in, possibly build a treehouse!

nature, aesthetic, and flowers image flowers, aesthetic, and green image

9. Go camping-
Go to the mountains and go camping! Spend time with nature ang enjoy the things I take for granted.

backyard, flowers, and fort image autumn, boho, and october image

10. Keep a summer scrapbook with my best friend-
This is something I've been wanting to do for agesssss! I have talked about this with my best friend, but we haven't done it yet, still, I can't wait to do this with her!

journal, bujo, and bullet journal image journal, book, and drawing image

That's the end of my summer bucket list for now! I hope you enjoyed this article, it really got me thinking. I know it's not summer yet, but I think it's still something fun to look forward to. Little disclaimer: the images are not mine.

Thank you for reading!


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