The next day, Winter and her friends planned on going for a walk after breakfast, but unfortunately, they had to cancel it because it was heavy raining in the morning. Winter and Stacie were sitting outside while the others were busy looking for more details about the castle. Winter and Stacie were talking about how great and calming the forest is. Winter notices her shoelace is out and she wanted to tie them back because she doesn't want her shoelaces to be wet, but she accidentally touches the water on the ground and she realizes that the water is black. Winter started getting worried because this doesn't seem like dirty water, it's very dark.

"Stacie, look...the water is black," says Winter in a quavering voice.

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Stacie didn't answer her. Winter turns at Stacy and she wasn't there. Winter rushed inside and asked the others where Stacy.

"Oh yeah, she hasn't wake up yet," said Alaina

"What? she was just talking to me outside there"

Alaina said Stacie's still asleep. If Stacy is sleeping, Who did Winter talked to?