DFSDJJFSDF @/violetdreamss_ is bestie ASF some of these were hard to do LMFAOOO i luv her sm doe ughuguhg !!!

flower, space, and universe image astrology, signs, and sun image alternative, art, and astrology image alternative, illustration, and art image
my zodiac - virgo
aquarius, art, and space image aquarius image alternative, art, and astrology image alternative, aquarius, and art image
her zodiac - aquarius
blue hair, alternative style, and hair inspo image eyes, flowers, and eye image ear, girl, and gothic image aesthetic, white, and fashion image
my appearance - blue hair, blue eyes, piercings, glasses
aesthetic, blonde, and blonde hair image eyes, aesthetic, and beauty image Image by 𝒫𝒶𝓇𝓀𝑒𝓇 Image by Chloé
her apperance - long blonde hair, blue eyes w/ a green tint, faint freckles, dimples !
fashion, outfit, and style image Image by v collar, goth, and cross image Image by divine leigh ˎˊ˗
my style - dumb bitch asfffff,, rlly emo, lots of accessories, dark clothing, alt, etc.
beauty, girl, and fashion image fashion image fashion, girls, and style image carefree, png, and retro image
her style - 90's/indie aesthetic, loose jeans, cardigan, neck collars SO CUTE
Image by Private User catalog, gothic, and magazine image girl, japan, and grunge image aesthetic, cross, and black image
my aesthetic - dark, horrorcore, alternative, grunge
flowers, aesthetic, and nature image aesthetic, pink, and poetry image flowers, purple, and aesthetic image indie and butterfly image
her aesthetic - cottagecore, indie, y2k, flowers, nature, butterflies, CUTE STUFF
8bits, stars, and galaxy image Image by XCXXXX skull, dark, and witch image quotes, grunge, and aesthetic image
my favorite color - blue !!! n e blues AWOOOGAAA especially w/ blackkk also purple :]
drink, purple, and aesthetic image theme, purple, and aesthetic image purple, fashion, and outfit image purple, aesthetic, and soft image
her favorite color - violet PURDDYYYYY
goth, grunge, and slipknot image alternative, gothic, and rockstar image 00s, 2003, and messy image adam, three, and tdg image
my favorite artists - slipknot n three days grace but i like anything thats UHH alt -- grunge, metalcore, nu metal, etc etc AWOOGA MUSIC TBH
Image by “ A L P H A • 0 9 8 “ the neighbourhood, header, and black image tyler the creator and green image tyler, aesthetic, and the creator image
her favorite music - tyler, the creator, the the neighborhood, more but whi sucks </3
Image by M aesthetic, goth, and spider image horror image Halloween, mtv, and grunge image
my favorite holiday - HALLOWEEN !!
cake, muffin, and winter image Image by Irena15 amazing, blogger, and chocolate image Image by 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐧𝐢
her favorite holiday - christmas BAHAH
carefree, ice cream, and food image aesthetic, header, and noodles image blue, takis, and chips image chocolate, heart, and goth image
my favorite food - I DONT HAVE ONE IDK anything w mint, spicy ramen, blue takis, n dark chocolate because its bitter yum yum
chocolate, food, and ice cream image brownie and food image bakery, delicious, and food image Image by Ardyanita Gálvez
her favorite food - brownies bc brownie supremacy yall
grape, japanese, and soda image coffee, drink, and food image Image by Patricia Baraviera sweet and drink image
my favorite drink/beverage - grape soda, coffee, blue fanta, n milkshakes amen
aesthetic, pink, and drink image apples, autumn, and beverages image banana, fruit, and kiwi image apple juice image
her favorite drink/beverage - apple juice LMFAOO SHE DRINKS IT LIKE EVERYDAY
candy, films, and spooky season image Image by elena. 2005, cartoons, and childhood image alternative, coraline, and drawing image
my favorite movie - I LOVE ALL HORROR MOVIES yes asf but uhmmm maybe coraline and corpse bride ??
aesthetic and period image Tuck Everlasting, couple, and alexis bledel image alexis bledel, pretty, and shadow hunters image alexis bledel, Tuck Everlasting, and vintage image
her favorite movie - tuck everlasting !!!!!
snow, walk, and silent image winter landscape and montagne image autumn, fall, and trees image Image by KIARA //
my favorite season - WINTER N AUTUMN !!! omg
aesthetic, picnic, and friends image Image by Lizzy♡ Image by Sundayalice aesthetic, green, and pink image
her favorite season - SPRINGGG
dessin, raiponce, and rapunzel image Image by - ࢪ࣪نـو . aesthetic, details, and hairstyle image beauty, inspiration, and pocahontas image
my favorite disney princess - rapunzel n pocahontas prob
aesthetic, gif, and trilli image disney, fairy, and 50s image beauty and the beast, disney, and belle image disney, beauty and the beast, and belle image
her favorite disney princess - tinker bell and belle
art, blue, and hands image blue, aesthetic, and globe image ravenclaw, harry potter, and hogwarts image architecture, aesthetic, and blue image
my favorite hogwarts house - ravenclaw babeyyy
black, green, and slytherin image aesthetic, draco malfoy, and emo image determined, draco malfoy, and green image water, green, and aesthetic image
her favorite hogwarts house - slytherin asf
photography, travel, and japan image japan, photography, and travel image aesthetic, background, and travel image lights, night, and nyc image
my favorite city//country - japan or new york because its so livelyy
london, street, and england image flowers, architecture, and nature image architecture, bridge, and europe image london, photography, and Big Ben image
her favorite city//country - england luv
Image by 𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐬𝐚 Image removed dark, nighttime, and rain image moon, aesthetic, and hands image
both of our time of day - night asf
birds, parakeet, and cute image aesthetic, animal, and black image ferrets image black, brown, and corgi image
my favorite animal - BIRDS, bunnies, ferrets, n dogs <3
cat, cute, and animal image cat, flowers, and animal image animal, dog, and cute image sporty image
her favorite animal - dogs n cats