The 'let it go' way of life comes from stoicism - a philosophy developed thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece and Rome. Throughout the centuries the greatest minds has been practicing it in order to learn how to lead a happy and anxiety free life.

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I used to hate philosophy in high school and at the university, but as an adult I started to look at it in a new way.

Here I am to share with you a secret of happiness, each person should aim to achieve. It's time to became your own best friend, stop fighting against things you can't change, let go and love yourself.

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Most things in your life you can't really control, eg.:

- what family or country you were born in;
- other people - their doings and feelings;
- outside events;
- illnesses;
- life and death.

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But what's more important, there are significant things you can control in your life, e.g.:

- your decisions;
- how hard you work;
- how you treat other people;
- your reactions towards situations;
- your self-development.

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According to stoicism you should concentrate on your self-development and try being the best version of yourself.

Ok, you may say, everybody gangsta till something serious happens to you or a person you love.

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In such a situation an emotional reaction is only natural. We are human and there is nothing wrong with feeling down or crying. But after the emotional outburst it's good to calm down and think "What can I do in this situation? Is there anything I can do to make it better? What can I control about it? What can't I control? What impact will it have for my whole life? Is it really very important? Will it be important this time next year?".

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The things you can't control should be let go.
It's not an easy task. We should try to let them go, but it's ok If they come back to our minds. When it happens, again try to remember the things you can control and calm your emotions down this way.

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We've got tendency to overthink many events in our life. We remember things people said to us in anger, embarrassing moments from the past, situations when we were rejected.

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Think about things that make you being you.

If you lost your phone would you still be yourself? Yup! That would me misfortunate, but you would have buy a new one and forget about the lost one. So your possessions are not what makes you. Even though we often concentrate on what we don't have and let it affect our mood.

Have you ever been on a camping or a camper van trip? Remember how little you needed to enjoy it? Just a few pieces of clothing, some water to drink and wash in, some food and a warm place to sleep.

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If you had to move to another place, would it change who you are deep inside? Not really. You'd still have the same traits of character and the same dreams.

If you fall out with your best and stopped seeing them, would it change who you are as a person? No. You'd find other friends - people who would love you for who you are. So again, it's not other people or their actions that make you.

It's impossible to live a life without difficulties. They come and go, but your life goes on. The quicker you learn how not to get emotionally involved in every little throwback on your way, the more happy days await you.

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The most important thing in your life is who you really are. Outside events can affect the way you behave or how you feel in this very moment. But even if everything you had was taken away from you it wouldn't change your heart and soul. Imagine being kidnapped by aliens and being taken onto another planet. No family or friends of yours, no posesions from Earth. You would live on, still being you inside.

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Loving yourself and knowing who you are can help you go through the most difficult moments in your life. They will come. And they will pass. You will live through them.

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There is so much more I wish I could present to you about stoicism. If you'll like it I will write more :) I hope you find the article interesting and helpful.