Hey Goddesses!!!!

My article will be about the most popular handbags to buy whether it's affordable luxury or luxury in general! There are some really chic and edgy handbags to invest in to buy based on the high quality of their products.

I feel as though if anyone is interested in accessory design pertaining to Handbags, Jewelry, Shoes, Belts, etc this is for you!!!!! If you are a fashion major and would like to utilize your degree with accessory design this would be beneficial for you as well!!! Or if you are a woman who loves fashion and like to style outfits and have an accessory to complement with your complete look just to show off on social media then this is definitely for you!!

This article is based on my opinion with handbags and what handbags look aesthetically pleasing to the eye and what handbags you would die for to get whether its for your birthday, Christmas, or just an occasion. So finally here are my top 15 handbag brands to buy!!

furla image furla, michaelkors, and candybag image bag, furla, and legs image bags, furla, and metropolis image accessories, nail inspo, and nail goals image furla, girly, and pretty image
backpack, grafea, and school bags image bag, hand bag, and fashion image aesthetic, bag, and marble image bag, fashion, and style image converse, bag, and burgundy image bag, colors, and grafea image
coach, nails, and pink image bags, coach, and handbags image coach, goals, and pastel image coach, present, and purse image Image by 𝑁𝑢𝑢𝑟♕ acrylics, bag, and bracelet image
accessories, designer, and simplicity image bag, fashion, and style image aesthetic, pale pink, and perfume image fashion, miu miu, and bag image bag, fashion, and miu miu image beauty, fashion, and miu miu image
beauty, celebrities, and classy image beautiful, elegance, and chic image Image by CC🖤 Image by lovelykseen bags, chanel, and chanel bag image bag, handbags, and luxury image
bag, flowers, and white image bag, fashion, and jacquemus image Image by maria leonidou bag, fashion, and style image bag, black, and luxury image fashion and style image
bag, purse, and style image bag, fashion, and style image bag, brand, and chic image bag, Balenciaga, and fashion image accessories, balenciaga bag, and white bag image Image by 🥀🍃
Image by Florencia accessories, bags, and hair image Michael Kors, designer bags, and mk image Michael Kors, Nude, and pink image fashion, handbags, and luxury image handbag image
barbie, gucci, and luxury image aesthetic, gucci, and pastel image bags, gucci, and Rick Owens image gucci, bag, and fashion image bag, purse, and classy image bag, fashion, and gucci image
Image by Mrs.G purse, fashion, and Louis Vuitton image chanel, Louis Vuitton, and luxury image bag, Louis Vuitton, and nike image aesthetic, alt, and chic image bag, Louis Vuitton, and cupcakes image
bag, accessories, and fendi image bag, fendi, and fashion image bag, fashion, and fendi image bag, fashion, and fendi image cartier, chic, and designer image bag, fendi, and style image
bag, Birkin, and green image bag, fashion, and hermes image Image by Private User fashion, Birkin, and bag image bag, hermes, and luxury image wealth, bag, and Birkin image
bag, beautifull, and collor image bag, dior, and handbag image Image by lovelykseen bag, blue, and dior image fashion, dior, and bag image accessories, aesthetic, and bag image
fashion image blogger, Burberry, and chloe bag image bag, fashion, and black image blogger, styleinspo, and chloe bag image bag, chloe, and fashion image fashion and gold image
aesthetic, bag, and black image bag, black, and luxury image heart it, pink bag, and bag addict image bag, handbag, and purse image fashion, bag, and red image shoes, bag, and luxury image

This is the end of the article and I'm so glad you goddesses enjoyed it! This took some time to find the best purses which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I hope this inspired you to get your dream purse when your a successful woman or even inspired you to major in fashion or even accessory design cause who wouldn't want these chic, edgy, sophisticated, and sexy handbags! I'll see you goddesses later in the next article love ya!!