I hate the fact that when i am at school, surrounded but everyone all I am doing is looking for him, his face, his eyes, his smile,his face.
I don't know why but i know that i am, looking for him. And i don't like where this is going on, if it's going anywhere.
I don't want to make false hope for myself just to be deceived at the end.
I am not even sure that he likes me, i mean why would he?
well, my friend thinks he may be interested according to the question he is asking, like my dating history and my type in men so what am i supposed to think.
If he is not actually interested in me i would like him to stop asking me this type of question, or just making these great monologues about the type of girls he likes showing me how romantic he can be.
And since i am someone who overthinks everything and every word that someone say all i am doing his hurting myself making scenarios in my head and imagining things that will never happen.
But my mind is always wondering What If something happen in the end but I am so busy trying to deny what I feel to notice anything