hi :) i literally just posted a few days ago but idfc 🤷‍♀️ anyways i saw a few of these "if i owned a clothing store" articles floating around and i really liked the idea so ... here it is 😎

enjoy the article, please <33 :))



✧ halcyon (hal - see - uhn)
skincare, beauty, and girl image girl, friends, and friendship image

⏤ new york city, new york (hq)
⏤ tokyo, japan
⏤ seoul, south korea
⏤ london, uk
⏤ paris, france
⏤ los angles, california
⏤ hong kong, china
⏤ rome, italy
⏤ dubai, uae
⏤ st louis, missouri
⏤ vancouver, canada

. . . and many more!


⏤ weekdays: 8 am to 11 pm
⏤ weekends: closed


halcyon is a diverse fashion boutique specializing in luxury, techwear, alternative, lingerie, and anything in between. halcyon prides itself in having fairly reasonable prices and clothing available to any body type and gender.

architecture, house, and luxury image aesthetic, architecture, and beige image architecture, art, and chic image city, paris, and travel image
lots of aesthetic moulding, classic with lots of windows, black and gold accents, columns at the entrance with greek gods and goddesses on each side.
paris, breakfast, and disney image architecture, luxury, and places image art, france, and french art image chic, elegant, and lifestyle image
black and gold accents, bits of color, minimalistic.

✧ womenswear

fashion, style, and white image alternative, apocalypse, and black dress image Image by • ٰزۿۿـِࢪاء ⁽. ⁽𝒛𝒂𝒉𝒓𝒂 shoes, white, and art image dress, dresses, and style image fashion, style, and outfit image Image by Jurnee. fashion, blue, and outfit image

✧ menswear

aesthetic, black, and clothes image fashion image black, boys, and classic image aesthetic, boys, and soft image aesthetic, boys, and style image fashion, style, and brown image fashion, aesthetic, and clothes image air force, goals, and nike image

✧ unisex

girl, style, and black image Image by Private User aesthetic, style, and beauty image Inspiring Image on We Heart It grunge, black, and clothing image fashion, style, and outfit image aesthetic, boots, and shoes image style inspiration, fashion inspiration, and aesthetic inspiration image
healthy, light, and food image food, fruit, and breakfast image food, light, and healthy image food and croissant image Image by Private User food, pasta, and aesthetic image apple, Cinnamon, and cake image food, cheese, and yummy image
drink, water, and lemon image aesthetic, coffee, and theme image cafe and coffee image drink, pink, and tumblr image water, grunge, and green image aesthetic, bar, and cafe image beige, soft, and beigethemes image Image by Sasscia
girl, fashion, and makeup image flowers, nature, and aesthetic image
MANAGER: audrey bancroft, 23
boy, eyebrows, and lips image art, dark, and artist image
MANAGER: ezra beckette, 23
girl, aesthetic, and icon image guitar, aesthetic, and black image
EMPLOYEE: mila choi, 22
aesthetic, edgy, and grunge image Image by Private User
EMPLOYEE: miles carter, 21
Afro, beautiful, and curly hair image accessories, beauty, and inspiration image
EMPLOYEE: avery dalton, 23
aesthetic, aesthetics, and boy image aesthetic, grunge, and quote image
EMPLOYEE: axel cooper, 23
dyed hair, e-girl, and pink hair image girl, female, and icon image
EMPLOYEE: ivy yang, 19
ulzzang and boy image dark image
EMPLOYEE: clyde dixon, 19
aesthetic and girl image fashion, girl, and clothes image
EMPLOYEE: cleo lexington, 20
boys, cute boys, and daddy image couple and aesthetic image
EMPLOYEE: kai miller, 22
ariana grande image ariana grande, ariana, and positions image
ariana grande
icon, kpop, and lisa image blackpink, rose, and jennie image
jungkook, bts, and jeon jungkook image boys, jin, and kpop image
jungkook of bts
hyuna, icon, and kpop image hyuna, fashion, and girl image
hyuna kim
clairo image black, clairo, and claire cottrill image
kpop, v, and bts image bts, taehyung, and v image
taehyung (v) of bts
actress, green eyes, and singer image dove cameron, actress, and blonde image
dove cameron
timothee chalamet, actor, and boy image timothee chalamet image
timothée chalamet


hope y'all enjoyed, bye :))