hello everyone ! hope your alright , it's been a long time

so i was working on a project which was my podcast show , i've been thinking for a long time about doing it but i was kind of busy and scared that it will turn out to be bad
in the end i decided that i should just go for it , if it turn out to be bad then i at list i tried no regrets

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so the podcast will be about reviewing to you books , movies , series , asian drama ( kdrama, cdrama,lakrons, taiwanese drama , jdrama... )
anime , manga , webtoon , music ... also girlstalk , hoe i am learning different languages , tips ect

is just a chill talk with you sharing my opinons and experiences .the podcast name is LUNAESCAPE it's available on spotify , google podcasts , breaker , pocketcasts, radiopublic , anchor .

so go listen to it and tell me what you think about it and if it's a good idea

if you want to study with someone korean , turkish and chinese feel free to dm me anytime i will be happy to study with you

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so this the spotify account for the podcast :


this is my spotify account if you need new playlist :


this the instagram account for the podcast :


i am trying to post everyday reviews to you