Hi everyone. In today's article I'm going to be going to be sharing what my dream apartment would look like. Now this is different from what my dream home would look like so keep that in mind. This is just what I would want for my first little space that I have to myself. Without further ado let's get into it.

My Dream Bedroom:

1. No Carpet. Anywhere

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I just really hate carpet floors. It looks good but after a while it gets gross. Plus it's easier to sweep and vacuum hardwood flooring

2. Double Door Bedroom

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3. Large Windows

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Preferably floor to ceiling windows. I know that's a bit of a reach for an apartment but if I could have it my way, we have it.

4. Window Seating

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I'd like for at least one window seat

5. Balcony

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6. Glass Cabinets

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7. White Countertops

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I currently have black countertops and I love them but I'm over them.

8. Shower Door(s)

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I'm also over shower curtains.

9. Neutral Furniture

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10. Decor

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11. Kpop Corner

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No matter where I live I always want a kpop corner. Maybe one when I have more room and more Kpop memorabilia I can have a whole room dedicated to