since it's winter and i miss shorts, sunshine, and the beach :)


bright colors, tiny tanks, string bikinis, y2k sunnies, tiny purses, dad caps, sweats, florals, sundresses, headbands, mini skirts

lemon image amazing, beautiful, and beauty image aesthetic, beach, and beauty image cool, green, and sunglasses image aesthetic, fashion, and girl image beach, summer, and frankiebstark image green, sage, and summer2021 image aesthetic, fashion, and inspo image


playing tennis, baking, cooking, reading, picnics, going to farmers markets, roadtrips, hanging with friends

baking, cooking, and dog image beach, aesthetic, and archive image bread, cheese, and cooking image comfy, grey sweatpants, and simple casual look image aesthetic, beach, and california image colors, flower, and italy image girl, sport, and tennis image friends and indie image

vibes/ aesthetic

up all night, retro, beaches, tennis courts, glamour that we can't afford, blasting music

cyber, urban, and ghetto image moon and night image 1997, 90s, and aesthetic image vintage, retro, and car image archive, blue, and brown image summer, girl, and aesthetic image archive, beach, and brown image aesthetic, green, and theme image


lorde, dolly parton, clairo, declan mckenna, fleetwood mac, briston maroney

girl, pretty, and wow image trailer park, butterfly, and dolly parton image claire cottrill, girls, and clairo image alternative, indie, and music image fleetwood mac image celebs, guitar, and life image


pastel cakes~

aesthetic, bambi, and cake image Image by O H H O N E Y cute, aesthetic, and cake image food and pink image


amazing, decoration, and fashion image aesthetic, cute animals, and dior image dog, animal, and cute image animal, dog, and nature image


coconut, theme, and aesthetic image aesthetic, strawberry, and flowers image grapefruit, aesthetic, and orange image fruit, food, and aesthetic image

60's/ 70s vibes~

fashion, green, and boots image vintage, aesthetic, and 90s image 70s and vintage image flowers, vintage, and theme image


animal, cows, and cow image animal, cow, and flowers image aesthetic, archive, and baby image animal, cows, and cow image


Image by tenderly aesthetic, angelic, and art image aesthetic, bedroom, and room image cards, blue, and tarot image


food image food, breakfast, and avocado image food and pasta image food image

green everything~

flowers, tulips, and white image beauty, nature, and love image aesthetic, green, and archive image green, ice cream, and food image

funky nails & rings~

nails, colors, and pastel image accessories, colorful, and funky image aesthetic, inspiration, and jewellery image green nails, inspiration, and yin yang image