hello! i wanted to do the characters challenge in my own way, i will do the original later but i wanted to write one on my own :) hope you'll like it!

characters i'll be

blake, netflix, and octavia blake image Barney Stinson, beautiful, and girl image daenerys targaryen, khaleesi, and mother of dragons image michonne, tv show, and the walking dead image Image by 🌙zahra hacker, darlene, and alderson image
octavia blake (the 100), robin scherbatsky (how i met your mother), daenerys targaryen (game of thrones), michonne hawthorne (the walking dead), malia tate hale (teen wolf), darlene alderson (mr. robot)

characters i'll date

handsome, texan, and Hot image euphoria, rue, and zendaya image criminal minds image daryl dixon image one tree hill, oth, and haley james scott image you, love quinn, and damie image
rust cohle (true detective), rue bennett (euphoria), spencer reid (criminal minds), daryl dixon (the walking dead), haley james (one tree hill), dani clayton (the haunting of bly manor)

characters i'll have a secret crush on

emily prentiss image Image by itspuchita american horror story, ahs, and cody fern image Inspiring Image on We Heart It iron man, thor, and Marvel image apocalypse, the walking dead, and nadia hilker image
emily prentiss (criminal minds), monica geller (friends), michael langdon (american horror story apocalypse), gabrielle solis (desperate housewives), tony stark (marvel), magna (the walking dead)

characters i'll be best friend with

1998, 90s, and actress image glenn, the walking dead, and twd image actress, tv, and penelope garcia image one tree hill, brooke davis, and ravens image stranger things and murray bauman image the walking dead, rick grimes, and season 5 image
phoebe buffay (friends), glenn rhee (the walking dead), penelope garcia (criminal minds), brooke davis (one tree hill), murray bauman (stranger things), rick grimes (the walking dead)

characters i would go to for an advice

ahs, sarah paulson, and american horror story image himym, how i met your mother, and lily aldrin image actor, celebrity, and criminal minds image icon, icons, and pack image paul wesley, stefan salvatore, and tvd image skam, girl, and noora image
cordelia goode (american horror story), lily aldrin (how i met your mother), aaron hotchner (criminal minds), tyrion lannister (game of thrones), stefan salvatore (the vampire diaries), noora saetre (skam)

characters i'll fight with but will have a sexual tension with

lena headey, got, and cersei lannister image jeffery dean morgan, twd, and negan image screencaps, The Originals, and the vampire diaries image cyberpunk, guy, and tv show image
cersei lannister (game of thrones), negan (the walking dead), klaus mikaelson (the vampire diaries), takeshi kovacs (altered carbon)

here we are! i'm thinking about doing the original one soon :)