brown and neutral colors, flannels, claw clips, layers, hightop converse, baggy jeans, sweater vests, crewnecks, beanies, oversized jackets, hoop earrings, air forces

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i've actually been using a reusable tote to carry all my stuff around campus :)

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what i've been up to

i've been drinking way too much coffee, spending more time outside, studying, seeing my friends, trying to cook more, & visiting more museums.

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my current classes

intro to abnormal psychology, freshman composition, art history, comparative religion, intro to philosophy, US government & politics

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my overall mood

it's been snowing and raining constantly which i'm really not used to so i've been stick in my dorm pretty much bored asf. obviously living in a pandemic is super lonely so it's been making me super homesick too :(( overall rate: 4/10

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