Name : Robyn Waldorf Miller
Alias: Rob,R, The excluded by GG
Graduation:fashion design/Parsons School of Design
Played by: Freya Mavor


Born in Orange County, California, Robyn is a distant cousin to Blair Waldorf. Elene's daughter, Eleanor's half sister. She and Blair have had little contact over the years. Blair always judged the cousin to think she was not as wealthy as she was.

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But deep down Blair is a little jealous that Robyn is very authentic and has a close relationship with her mother.

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Play tennis, surf, draw, sommelier in his spare time, write letters.


Elene Waldorf Miller

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Landon Williamson Miller

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Her best friend is her younger sister Renee Miller, they do absolutely everything together.

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However, when Robyn arrived at Upper East Side, she ended up approaching Dan and Jenny Humphrey for being constantly excluded by Blair.

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Jack Bass

Hard to believe but Robyn has already had friction with Jack Bass. He was also anticipated in the parliament's scandal with Robyn's father. Appear cornered with the exposure on the blog, which despite being a teen thing has a lot of repercussions.

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Georgina Sparks

She was a little jealous because despite being in the city she didn't get much attention from Gossip.

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Robyn won an apartment on his parents' Upper East Side on his 18th birthday.

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Relationship with GG

Robyn studied for a while at Knightley School. There she had a disagreement with Serena so Robyn moved by the anger , sent compromising photos of Blair to Gossip Girl.

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However, Blair to defend Serena sent to GG records of the tax evasion scandals that Robyn's father was in parliament.

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She was chased for a while by Gossip Girl and her followers , cause the people found out she was a cousin to Blair. But then Robyn went back to Orange County and all that was in the past.

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Today Robyn has her own handbag brand.

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Her first kiss was with Nate Archibald, after that she started to have a crush on him.

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But that was just a teen thing. Today Robyn is already married and has two children.

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