1. He will make time for you♥️

Your significant other will cancel plans with the "boys" and rush his way to you. Any man will make YOU a priority and let no distractions ruin that chance he has with you.

2. He respects you♥️

Your significant other might not be your knight with shining armour- as much as we want them to be- however he respects your family, he wants to meet your loved ones, and makes you feel important in any situation.

3. He makes you feel safe ALL THE TIME♥️

Your significant other wants to be your protector. If you feel butterflies in your stomach and you get all hyper and shaky, well that might not always be a good thing. BUT if you feel warm inside and protected by your significant other when you're around him then MARRY HIM ladies.

4. He keeps promises with you♥️

Let's say you plan an evening out with him on a Friday night and he promises you he'll be there. If your significant other is late then that shows he doesn't really care about your needs. On the other hand if your significant other shows up on time and keeps his promise this is a good sign ladies that he values you for YOU.

5. He INTRODUCES YOU to his family

Ladies this is a BIG one! If your significant other does not introduce you to his family, this is a sign that he is using you for something. A man bringing his woman to meet his family shows that he is stable, mature, and family oriented.