I'm watching you rot away again. You haven't left your house in five days. I don't know how to save you this time, I've done everything I can.

You haven't been to your classes in two months. All our friends have tried to talk you into coming back but you refuse. You lock yourself away in your room, you used to come out and see me but I think we're past that point now.

I'm worried I'm going to lose you. I've lost a lot of people recently and I can't afford another, especially not you. Please try to come live your life again, for me. I miss you.

I miss walking to the gas station to buy Monsters before watching a big twitch stream. I miss going to the park to watch the sunset and you'd listen to me rant about my stupid breakup, then you'd rant about your family. I miss you coming over and helping me dye my hair then make cookies. I miss you. I miss my best friend.