Hey everyone!

Some days ago, I made a playlist, which has songs that have summer vibes. I don't really go to parties, but if I would, I would definitely want this playlist to be on. I can imagine myself and my friends on the beach, at the evening/at night, and this playlist is on, and we are just partying and having so much fun... ahhhhh it's so idilli.

Anyways, I thought I'll just share it with you all, I really hope I'm not the only one that loves this playlist. First I'll show you the songs that it currently has, and then I'm going to attach the playlist itself from Spotify.

Here are the songs:
°Leon on - Major Lazer
°My love - Route 94
°Sugar - Robin Schulz
°Prayer in C - Lilly Wood and The Prick
°I Got U - Duke Dumont
°Hideaway - Kiesza
°Nobody To Love - Sigma
°Don't Be So Shy - Imany
°Raging - Kygo
°Blame - Calvin Harris
°Summer - Calvin Harris
°Safe And Sound - Capital Cities
°Waiting For Love - Avicii
°Jubel - Kligando
°Feel So Close - Calvin Harris
°Body - Loud Luxury

That's it, these are the songs that playlist currently has. I might add more songs to it later.

Here is the link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/68oEj35w8JJd17wvYQTgW3?si=wDfhDUjYQsSMw4Z9RjNf9Q

Here is the link of the photo to scan: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0?ui=2&ik=9bfdcab3e1&attid=0.0&permmsgid=msg-f:1691885595448042219&th=177ac8fc2d47e2eb&view=att&disp=safe

I hope it's useable!

I really hope you are going to get good vibes while listening to it, I'm going to say goodbye now! I wish you all a great day!