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➳ name: noah
➳ occupation: prophet
➳ zodiac sign: Taurus ♉
➳ age: 24
➳ enemies: God
➳ affiliation: the Grand Coven, the Winchester brothers, Crowley, Rowena, and Castiel


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➳ long and brown dreadlocks
➳ tattoos
➳ freckles
➳ pale skin


boho image october, autumn, and boho image boho, fashion, and hippie image rings, jewelry, and bracelet image beach, flower, and girls image aesthetic, aesthetics, and beauty image
➳ makeup on
➳ tribal and boho clothes
➳ rings and pendants
➳ boots
➳ oversized jackets


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She was born in London, England. Daughter of a college professor and a librarian. From the beginning, her parents knew there was something wrong with her. Even at the age of four, she said she could hear a voice. A male voice. They didn't take it seriously 'cause she called it her "invisible friend". But one day, when she was 12, she was taken to the pediatric psychiatrist by her parents when they found her hurting herself. When they asked why she only said: He made me do it.

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They tried their best to take care of her but she was out of control, so when she turned 15 she was admitted to the asylum. She could survive thanks to the music and painting pictures. When she had her headphones on was the only time she could not hear him.

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Nine years later, Sam and Dean Winchester heard about a girl who claimed she could hear a man telling her that the end was nigh, so their friend Castiel took them to London. They visited her at the asylum and talked for hours. That's when Castiel knew she could hear God.

"She is not just a prophet. She is the reincarnation of Noah himself." —Castiel.

They took her out of the asylum, coming back to the Men of Letters bunker in Lebanon, Kansas. There she met the witch Rowena and her son and king of Hell Crowley.

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They explained the whole truth, that everything in the Bible was real. It was a shock for her at first 'cause she is a karma and universe person, but she refused to stop believing in what she believed. For her, there's a God, but not the only one god.

Days passed, months passed. Noah improved and got healthier. She gained some weight and the boys helped her with her anxiety attacks, especially Crowley, who grew to care for her.

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Everything was right until one morning she woke up screaming after a nightmare where she heard him again. The first time in three months.

"It begins" —Noah.
"What have you heard?" —Sam.
"Death by water." —Noah.
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That's when she met the Nephilim, Jack. He knew Chuck was coming and as long he is the antichrist he is the perfect weapon against God. So with his help, they came up with a plan.

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Noah found where he was, and there he welcomed them. He saw them coming, of course.

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"You're scared and insecure. I think I see how hard it was for you." —Noah.
"How you dare? I'm not insecure..." —Chuck.
"You are angry 'cause you are afraid. Everyone is forgetting you. Your kind. You can survive everything And you can punch me, you can hurt me, you can make me explode into million and billion pieces, but the forgetting... That's the only thing you can not survive." —Noah.
"Don't make me mad, child. I could kill you, just with a snap of my fingers." —Chuck.
"You're not gonna kill me. I hear your voice. You chose me for a reason." —Noah.

When he was distracted Jack and the Winchester brothers attacked. It looked like they were about to lose but that's when Jack made Chuck mortal and let him go away. That was his punishment. Jack took his place as the new God, very well deserved, and stopped the flood. After a long talk with Rowena and Crowley, Noah decided to join them to learn magic.

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She's a very smiley girl, always trying to find the bright side of everything and making jokes and pranks, in that way she's so like Gabriel. But, when things get really wrong, she can be very a pessimistic person, needing help from her friends for finding a way out of the trouble.

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She's very creative as well, she loves writing stories and painting and drawing. That way she has to express ideas that cannot be expressed just by words. More than once the boys caught her sketching them.


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hearing God
aesthetic, tarot, and psychic image candle, wicca, and crystal image
tarot readings
book, crystal, and magic image charm, witchcraft, and enchantment image
healer skills


➳ family
b&w, black and white, and lights image maggie smith, judi dench, and ladies in lavender image
victoria and mary jane ][ her grandmothers
➳ friends
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"There's magic in you, girl. You could be a good witch. I mean...Not as good as me obviously, but... with a good teacher..." —Rowena
"With a good teacher you mean...?" —Noah.
"I mean me, child!" —Rowena.
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"So in my head.. it's..." —Noah.
"God. Yes." —Castiel.
"And he wants to..." —Noah.
"Kill you." —Castiel.
"Oh..." —Noah.
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"I've done terrible things" —Gadreel.
"So have I. I think you're as lost as I am. I forgive you." —Noah.
"You're the first person who has ever said that to me." —Gadreel.
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"So...Noah? Like...the ark and the animals? You have a ship?" —Dean.
"Dean! Stop it" —Sam.
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"Hello there, sweetcheeks! I'm Gabriel, a big fan. We must be best friends!" —Gabriel
➳ love interest
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"What is that? What are you sketching?" —Crowley.
"Nothing!" —Noah.
"Hey! It's a portrait of me!" —Crowley.
"No, it's not! —Noah.


girl, art, and hippie image book, aesthetic, and drink image cards, fantasy, and hand image animals, nature, and photo image aesthetic, food, and pancake image music, aesthetic, and vintage image
➳ painting
➳ reading books about anything
➳ taking care of animals
➳ tarot readings to her friends
➳ baking
➳ music

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