Hey everyone! This is a new series I would like to introduce! This series is about me growing as a person and becoming who I want to be. I have lacked the motivation to get started but I find that watching people who live the life I want to inspire me. There is no time limit for growth because we should always be trying to grow as a person. I'm doing this series to not only hold myself accountable but to potentially motivate others to do the same. I have habits I would like to develop and along the way who knows what will happen. This change will not happen overnight. For this first article, I'm going to be talking about some of the things I want to do.

Wake Up Early

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I personally really enjoy waking up early. I feel like when I wake up earlier I am more productive and overall have a better day. I'm not sure how early I want to wake up every day, but that is the fun part about this. Currently, I'm waking up at 8 with online classes but when I go back in person I will have to wake up at 6. I may have to look into some youtube videos about how people change their sleep schedules. Personally, I struggle to change my sleep schedule because it has been as it is now since March.

Read More

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I love to read. I feel like once I get into a story I make time to read. Lately, I feel like it has been hard to find that time. With school, homework, and after-school activities I don't have much time for reading. I feel like this is just about me making time for it. It is important to do things you enjoy.


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Being active is very important to me. I already dance pretty much every day, but I want to do more at-home workouts. I feel like these at-home workouts it can help me achieve the body I want. I can focus on creating muscles where I want and overall have more control. To start putting this into action I can create a playlist with workouts I want to try.

Keep My Room Clean

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I feel like having a clean room is amazing for my mental health. When my room is messy I feel overwhelmed. Keeping my room clean is something I need to be better at. I think I can accomplish this by getting rid of all the things I don't use.

Get Eight Hours of Sleep

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Getting good sleep is essential to being productive throughout the day. In order to wake up earlier and get eight hours of sleep, I will have to start going to bed earlier.

Me Time

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I feel like personal time is very important. By creating more me time I can work on myself. Some simple things I like to do are painting my nails and doing a face mask. I feel like taking this time out for self-care is something I need to do more often.

Thank you guys so much for reading this article! Make sure you follow me so you don't miss out on these articles. I'll see you next time with an update.