*Name: Palantina of Nix *


bella hadid image beige, latte, and minimal image aesthetic, grunge, and indie image aesthetic, cozy, and sleep image

Age: 17

Planet Origin: Pluto's Moon Nix

Status: Princess


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court outfit
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town outfit
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throne ceremony

Story: During the New Empire, a Princess who becomes enslaved & taken to the Jedi Temple to be tortured by soon to be sith council, as her parents are killed right in front of her for trying to protect their kingdom & daughter. The rest of her family became traitors of the Kingdom and the sith council soon invades the current sitting council members to lay down new orders of the planet & its people.
Palantina is crowned Queen but the sith council controls her every move.
she soon is forced to marry the head sith to prove her loyalty. If she doesn't she will be tried in court for treason or killed. Her care taker is a man. This Planet has no current tech.