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Favourite Princess:

aladdin, beautiful, and disney image
jasmine, disney, and princess image aladdin, disney, and jasmine image aladdin, disney, and jasmine image disney, jasmine, and princess image
disney princess, jasmin, and yousana image

Favourite Prince:

90s, cartoon, and aladdin image
aladdin and disney image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by anaismarieb_morel princess, cute, and 1992 image
aladdin, disney, and 90s image

Favourite Character:

disney, lady and the tramp, and gif image
wallpaper, disney, and couple image disney and dog image icons, matching, and roleplay image disney, dog, and lady and the tramp image
lady, disney, and lady and the tramp image

Favourite Hero:

worry, disney, and robin hood image
Robin Hood
disney and robin hood image disney image robin hood and disney image animation, disney, and fox image
disney, gif, and robin hood image

Favourite Villain:

idiot, disney, and scar image
scar and the lion king image scar, disney, and the lion king image disney and villain image disney, lion king, and screencaps image
disney, gif, and scar image

Favourite Couple:

tangled, kiss, and love image
Flynn Rider + Rapunzel
tangled, disney, and rapunzel image canoe, lights, and Eugene image awesome, demi lovato, and disney image tangled, love, and kiss image
couple, gif, and girl and boy image

Jasmine and Aladdin

aladdin, disney, and kiss image

Favourite Movie:

monument, couple love otp, and boy man girl woman image
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
church, classic, and gipsy image hunchback of notre dame image Image by Private User Image by Joanna
beautiful, disney, and esmeralda image

Favourite Princess Movie:

beauty and the beast, cute, and disney image
Beauty and the Beast
disney, belle, and beauty and the beast image beauty and the beast, disney, and love image disney, beauty and the beast, and beast image belle, beauty and the beast, and disney princess image
belle, gif, and beast image

Favourite non-Princess Movie:

disney, movie, and gif image
The Lion King
disney, simba's pride, and rafiki image beauty, phones, and wallpapers image disney, photography, and the lion king image disney, wallpaper, and simba image
disney, gif, and simba image

Favourite Childhood Movie:

mermaid, ariel, and disney image
The Little Mermaid
ariel, disney, and gif image disney, ariel, and castle image aladdin, bambi, and disney image disney, photography, and little mermaid image
amazing, ariel, and gif image

Favourite Pixar Movie:

gif, meme, and ratatouille image
disney, photography, and ratatouille image food and ratatouille image ratatouille, disney, and movie image ratatouille and disney image
citylights, eiffel tower, and night image

Favourite Soundtrack:

gif, disney, and hercules image
disney, hercules, and power image hercules, disney, and megara image
disney, hercules, and muses image

Favourite Song


disney, esmeralda, and fire image
villain and hellfire image villain and hellfire image

"Everybody Wants to Be a Cat"

aristocats, gif, and piano image
aristocats, the aristocats, and disney image aristocats image

"Why don't you do right"

cartoon, cigarette, and film image
bitches, vintage, and cartoon image cartoon, curves, and woman image
Not sure if Who Framed Roger Rabbit counts as a disney movie, but this song is too good to ignore.

Favourite Dress:

aladdin, disney, and tangled image
Tiana's Wedding Dress
beautiful, blue, and disney image disney, princess, and tiana image

+ bonus:

disney, girls, and cinderella image
aurora, gif, and La Bella Addormentata nel Bosco image
disney, princess, and tiana image
disney, tiana, and disney princess image
Can you tell I think Tiana is the best dressed Disney princess?

Favourite World:

beauty and the beast, disney, and movie image
Sleeping Beauty's Kingdom
cottage, disney, and nature image beautiful, disney, and magic image aurora, disney, and sleeping beauty image cinderella, cottage, and disney image castle, disneyland, and sleeping beauty image aurora, cartoon, and curse image
The combination of cottagecore aesthetic and magical element is really doing it for me.

Some random movies I Iove:


atlantis, disney, and kida image
atlantis and disney image disney, atlantis, and kida image atlantis, disney, and atlantis: the lost empire image atlantis, love, and kida image atlantis, disney, and atlantis: the lost empire image empowerment, atlantis, and black image
disney, atlantis: the lost empire, and disney princess image

The Nightmare Before Christmas

gif, Halloween, and sally image
sally, tim burton, and Halloween image christmas, winter, and love image jack, jack skellington, and christmas image aesthetic, black, and christmas image creepy, Halloween, and ghost image movie and tim burton image
gif, Halloween, and the nightmare before christmas image

101 Dalmatians

101 dalmatians, disney, and movie image
disney, dog, and 101 dalmatians image disney and cruella deville image 101 dalmatians, disney, and london image disney, 101 dalmatians, and movie image disney, dog, and 101 dalmatians image cartoon, dapper, and disney image
dog, disney, and book image

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