Hello, Upper East Siders! I recently finished watching Gossip Girl and then I saw this trend, so I had to do it!

I got inspo from:

Basic information

name: Florence Lily van der Woodsen
alias: F, Florie, Little F
birthday: February 21st
zodiac sign: Pisces

hair, fashion, and girl image makeup, eyeliner, and red image Image by Private User beige, stomach, and body image
fashion, outfit, and black image blogger, fashion, and look image aesthetic, fashion, and girl image fashion, style, and inspiration image amazing, black, and blogger image Image by maria leonidou
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aesthetic, diamond, and jewelry image fashion, black, and dress image red, dress, and fashion image Image by t
dress, style, and luxury image makeup, eye, and beauty image heels, black, and drink image fashion, dress, and white image dress, lace, and long image fashion, dress, and outfit image
quotes, book, and text image summer, bikini, and beautiful image aesthetic, flowers, and spring image Image by ℬells
florence is kind, friendly, strong but can still have a good cry, confident, loyal and caring. she likes to take risks.
fashion and style image city, new york, and nyc image gossip girl and Serena Van Der Woodsen image car, classy, and party image
florence is eric's twin and serena's little sister. she is usually in serena's shadow. she and serena are close, and the three siblings all have a strong bond. she loves her family but hate all the secrets.
gossip girl, serena, and blair image bed, funny, and gossip girl image
blair, serena and florence are the dynamic trio. they have their ups and downs but at the end of the day, blair and the van der woodsen sisters are family.
gossip girl, chuck bass, and quotes image chuck bass, gossip girl, and ed westwick image
at first florence was a bit scared of chuck bass. but after he grew up and wasn't a jackass, they got along. he is a close friend of hers.
black and white, Chace Crawford, and give up image Chace Crawford, gossip girl, and boy image
florence and nate got along from the start. after their little fling, the two have become best friends.
Love interests

Nate Archibald

Image by hi style, watch, and classy image
the two were friends with benefits until florence started to gain feelings, which made her end their relationship.

after archibald, she hasn't dated anyone else.

Who is Gossip Girl?
Image by ✴ 🎀 𝑅𝑒𝒷𝑒𝒸𝓀𝒶 🎀 ✴ gossip girl image
florence thought jenny humphrey was gossip girl, but wasn't shocked when dan humphrey exposed himself.

Stay safe out there!
Xoxo, Gossip Girl