Image by 🦂
It defines how I feel; I want it on my inner forearm


aesthetic, archive, and indie image Image by usap7 Tattoos, arm tattoos, and cute image tattoo and butterfly image
just look pretty; side boob


aesthetic, rainbow, and alright image
I like the quote & it's a little reminder for me; somewhere on my arm


abdomen, bikini, and leg image Image by ☘•H•A•T•R•E•R•☘ tattoo, snake, and nails image alternative, goals, and underwear image
I just like it; inner hip kind of like on pic 4

my birth year & zodiac sign

tattoo, art, and body image tattoo, ink, and inspiration image
looks cute; year: prob inner arm & lower stomach


ink, tattoo, and tattoo inspiration image colors, tatuaggi, and black image
again, just looks cute; side hip

dog & tiger

Image by 🦂 tattoo and toger image
i like the designs; somewhere on my leg

something red

eye image amazing, angel, and art image red, tat, and tattoo image Image by Q_1996
a pop of color; don't know yet

other tattoos I like

tattoo, heart, and red image alternative and tattoo image Image by 🦂 aesthetic, back, and breast image tattoo image Image by 🦂

yea, that's it for now, feel free to check out my page :)