-basic information
name: juliet kinsley
alias: julie, juls, j.k.
birth date: may 6th
zodiac sign: taurus


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Pale skin, 5'9'', dark brown eyes and brown hair with a few ginger highlights.


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She comes from a family of artists. Her dad is a writer, that's where the name Juliet comes from. Her mom is a painter, and a very succesful one.


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Juliet graduated high school in Constance Billard School for Girls and is currently a junior in Juilliard Academy to get a degree in drama. Her dream is to be an actress.


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Julie is a very smart and strong woman who has gone through a lot in life, which taught her not to trust anyone. Her feelings are a lot deeper than what she demonstrates (the good and the bad ones). She is independent, honest and she gets what she wants.


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The iconic trio of Constance Billard. After Serena's return Blair and Juliet were very close, which led to some confrontation, but it wasn't long until they realized they'd be better as a team. Her relationship with Chuck and Dan was normal. She didn't love them but she didn't dislike them.

Love Interests

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Eventhough she had a few hook ups here and there, she always knew who her true love was. She had a crush on him since the day they first met. For a couple of years they were just friends, until Nate realizes how much he loves her and confesses his feelings.

Who was Gossip Girl?

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Juliet always thought Gossip Girl was Georgina. She wasn't sure if it was something she envied about her or just a feeling but she never trusted her.