Everyone knows it's not easy dating especially when you're young. I felt like I had to share my do's and don't when dating.

1. Always stand your ground.

When I say stand your ground I mean don't do things that make you feel uncomfortable with the person you're dating or going on a date with. there are moments where they will ask you for something more at the end of the date a kiss maybe sex you never know but if it makes you uncomfortable make sure to say NO. this is very very important and if that person isn't happy with you saying no whew chileeeee you better run as fast as your legs can carry you.

2. Not every guy or girl has good intentions

For example, say your texting this guy or girl and you realize they keep talking about one specific thing (sex) and it continuous, they don't seem to talk about anything else but that, Hunny 😒 block them, Don't think ''oh maybe he'll change for me'' darlinnn please do not waste your precious time cause trust me they only want what's in-between your legs and not your emotions. Trust me we've all encountered someone like that. I get it he or she might be hella attractive but it's not worth the emotional pain once they take what they want from you and dump you like a pile of shit.

3. Ghosting

When I tell you I had to learn this the hard way baby I did and it hurt at first cause it gets you thinking like you had amazing chemistry with the guy or girl you were texting each other day and night, spent hours on FaceTime, and calls and one day they just disappear. I know it really sucks don't lock that hurt away embrace it tell yourself ''ok this happened he or she is no longer apart of my life he or she has chosen longer be apart of it'' Allow yourself to feel sad about it for a tiny bit cause he or she ain't worth your time. Delete everything that you have of them. whether it be their number or social media, messages pictures, etc... Tell em byeeeeee and move on with your life cause life continues with or without them.

4. Sometimes things won't always go your way,

So you've had an amazing date you like them, you've felt that connection and you're just like wow he's the one but they may not feel the same way you do and that's ok everyone has their preferences it may hurt in the start but respect that person wishes don't try to convince them otherwise ( sometimes it may work and sometimes it might not)

let me know if you want part 2 ❤️😊