Hey guys,

divine me is the person I would admire to be. When I feel like I'm loosing my focus, I come back to her. When I have to make hard decisions, I'm pretending to already be her and see the situation through her eyes. This little trick has aready helped me a lot in the past.
This is, what devine me would be like:

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She is in peace with herself, she minds her own bussines and she gets her power from within herself.

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She is creative and interlectual.

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she loves reading and rising her knowledge, it's something no one can ever take away.

You can find her sitting in the sun, ready a book or strolling around a museum.

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She loves coffee, she loves delicate fabrics and vacations in Italy.

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Divine me has a kind heart and she can stand up for herself. When she makes mistakes, she can admit them. When others make mistakes, she can forgive them.

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Bye, (not yet divine) alx