some of my favorite song lyrics that break my heart

drivers license by olivia rodrigo
"yeah today i drove through the suburbs and pictured i was driving home to you."

the 1 by taylor swift
"you know the greatest films of all time were never made."
"you know the greatest loves of all time are over now."

i don't know anything by little voice cast
"how did you scare me you barely said anything how did you do what you do?"

from the dining table by harry styles
"woke up the girl who looked just like you i almost said your name."

cherry by harry styles
"i confess i could tell that you were at your best i'm selfish so i'm hating it."
"i just miss your accent and your friends"

half the world away by one direction
"and i started drinking i don't know half of what i'm thinking."
"i want you around round round. are we going down down down?"

these four walls by little mix
"i can't help but wonder what if i had one more night for goodbye."

godspeed by frank ocean
"i will always love you how i do."
"the table is prepared for you."

a change of heart by the 1975
"you used to have a face straight out of a magazine now you just look like anyone i just had a change of heart."

nana by the 1975
"i think you can tell. i haven't been doing too well."

fallingwater by maggie rogers
"i never fully loved you in the way i could i fought the current running just the way you would."

ghostin by ariana grande
"though i wish he were here instead don't want that living in your head he just comes to visit me when i'm dreaming every now and then."

it's not living (if it's not with you) by the 1975
"and all i do is sit and think about you if i knew what you'd do collapse my veins, wearing beautiful shoes it's not living if it's not with you."

woman by the 1975
"it all tastes the same and boy there's something different about your mouth."

pluto projector by rex orange county
"i don't think i'm meant to understand myself."
"i'll do the same as you i'll try and hold it up soon i hope or as soon as i'm old enough. old enough to understand."
"stay forever, you know more than anyone."

anchor by novo amor
"shook the best when your love was home storing up on your summer glow you went in search of someone else."
"they taught the hand that taut the bride both our eyes locked to the tide we went in circles somewhere else."
"your tears a sea for me to swim."

ribs by lorde
"you're the only friend i need sharing beds like little kids and laughing til our ribs get tough but that will never be enough."

white ferrari by frank ocean
"i care for you still and i will forever that was my part of the deal."
"i'm sure we're taller in another dimension you say we're small and not worth the mention."

supercut by lorde
"in my head i do everything right."

dead in the water by ellie goulding
"cause i can hardly breathe when your hands let go of me."
"you've seen this all before a life left on the shore we're smiling all the same you sail away again."

i'm going to do several parts for this because i love music and the lyrics that make my heart break.

thank you for reading!!!!!