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Aergia (/eɪˈɜːrdʒə/): Greek Goddess of sloth, idleness, and laziness.


fairy aesthetic, aesthetic, and garden image flowers, soft, and aesthetic image flowers, rose, and pink image aesthetic, feild, and flower image
Chloe (/ˈkloʊi/): blooming, fertility.


girl, makeup, and eyes image angel, heart, and soft image vintage image blonde, hair, and bunches image
Ela (ˈɛlə): goddess, hazel.


aesthetic, bike, and vintage image Image by Private User aesthetic, lake, and grunge image Image by O H H O N E Y
Em (ˈɛm): entire, universal.


fairy image green, dark academia, and aesthetic image alternative, beautiful, and feet image faery, folklore, and forestcore image
Forrest (/ˈfɒrɪst/): a large area covered chiefly with trees and undergrowth.

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