Inspiration for the title is the lyrics from my favorite song: Imagination by Foster The People
If you love summer as I do, you will enjoy it:

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a huge passion for everything that comes with summer. The ocean and its waves, the sun, warm weather, swimming or just chilling on the beach.
Now in my twenties, I can tell that nothing had changed. When I see, hear or smell the ocean, I get the best feeling ever. It brings me so much joy, motivation and happiness.

So here are some motivational images for the summer lovers

hair, style, and summer image Image by Jarbas Jacare palm trees, summer, and egypt image beach, friends, and summer image ocean, summer, and beach image summer and surf image italy, ocean, and places image Image by O H H O N E Y photography and summer image landscape, nature, and sea image 2020, italia, and summer image ocean, summer, and blue image summer, surf, and beach image beach, beaches, and brown image aesthetic, alternative, and green image aesthetic, beach, and photography image sunset, nature, and ocean image summer image bird, sunset, and sun image aesthetic, beach, and beige image summer, girl, and friends image aesthetic, alternative, and tumblr image girl, summer, and sunrise shack image Image by Private User Image by Trang beach, nature, and tropical image summer, beach, and friends image summer, fashion, and style image peach, beach, and aesthetic image beach, mermaid, and ocean image

"I love summertime more than anything else in the world. That is the only thing that gets me through the winter, knowing that summer is going to be there." -Jack McBrayer

"Friends, sun, sand, and sea, that sounds like a summer to me." -Unknown