Good morning to you all ! Hope you're doing fine and welcome to this winter edition of "Things that makes me happy". My Autumn edition is now quite old so I decided to adapt it to this wonderful season.
Enjoy !

cold, winter, and beautiful image cold, white, and winter image

Drinking hot chocolate

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Homemade is even better !

Ice skating

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I can't explain how much I love this sport

Enjoying a snow day

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Freezing cold but always fun !

Buying warm sweaters

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So cozy

Family baking time

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Because winter is also about family time... and cookies !

Setting new goals

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I especially love new year time to summarize what happen and what's coming next, taking new resolutions that motivates me !

Reading books

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The perfect winter chill activity

Walking in nature

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I just love taking 15 minutes to breathe fresh air, especially in winter.

Taking time for myself

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Nothing better than a warm bath and a face mask to relax


blaze, bonfire, and cold image happiness, idea, and calm image
Can't get enough of the amazing smell it gives

That's it for today ! Thank you very much for reading and have a nice winter !

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