Hi everyone! I am soooo excited because this is my first article for @theartclub!

As this is an account dedicated to art and its masterpieces, I thought that it might be interesting for people who (maybe) don’t study art at school to know what an analysis model of a piece of art looks like or what it must contain. I hope you enjoy!


First things first, you must add essential information that everyone knows or might want to know first about a painting, statue or sculpture. I will be using Botticelli’s Birth of Venus as an example, as it is one of my favorite paintings of all time!

Title ➸ The Birth of Venus
[*Original Title* ➸ La nascita di Venere]
Artist ➸ Sandro Botticelli
Creation date ➸ 1483 - 1485
Size ➸ 2785 x 1725 mm
Technique and/or materials ➸ Painted on canvas, thin tempera diluted with egg yolk to give transparency
(Formal)Type ➸ Painting
Commision ➸ Lorenzo di Pierfrancesco (member of the de’ Medici family)
Placement ➸ Uffizi Gallery (Florence)


After shortly introducing your work of art, you’re gonna want to go deeper into detail and tell its story. Of course this part will be longer than the previous one because it includes more information.

Content and theme ➸ Botticelli was asked to depict Venus, born from the sea foam, however rather than birth, the painting’s aim is to show the goddess landing on her hometown: Cyprus.
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Constitutive elements ➸ In the center of the painting you can see Venus with her right breast covered by her hand, and really long and blond hair naturally covering some of her body parts. She is standing on a shell. On the left there’s Zephyrus, god of wind, who’s blowing Venus towards the shore and holding the nymph Chloris. On the right there is the Hora of spring, waiting to meet Venus and give her a pink cloak with a flower pattern on it. The seascape is illuminated by a delicate light which almost makes it seem unrealistic.
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Concept ➸ Venus is considered to be an allegorical representation of Humanitas upon her arrival to Florence. The Hora of spring could be a personification of Flora, a figure which we can find in Botticelli’s painting Primavera.
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This came out pretty long but it was necessary! I hope you liked it. See you on the next article. :)

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