Gonna catch'em all. (when i'll be able to afford it)

Le Chiquito, Jacquemus

bag, flowers, and white image bag, black, and luxury image
I like small bags, and no brand can make smaller bags than Jacquemus. It can be very cute with a simple outfit. 425 €

Timeless Classic, Chanel

bag, chanel, and clothes image chanel, bag, and fashion image
An iconic piece from the brand, the simple color and gold details make it wearable with everything. 6050 €

Opyum sandales, Yves Saint Laurent

shoes, fashion, and heels image black, luxury lifestyle, and marble image
Elegant, classy, pretty. The heel is the detail makes me want to buy it. 975 €

Escarpins Rockstud, Valentino

shoes, fashion, and heels image blush, fashion, and heels image
The most famous creation by Valentino, the gold nails on the flange are goergous. 750 €

Pigalle, Louboutin

shoes, classy, and fashion image shoes, fashion, and black image
Red bottoms. A must-have. 575 €

Bracelet Love, Cartier

jewel, aesthetic, and cartier image cartier and jewelry image
A little expensive for a brace, but the minimalist style is very cute and it is gold so, it gonna last for a long time. 6650 €

Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel

chanel, perfume, and pink image coco chanel, drawing, and paris image
Head notes : Patchouli, Vanilla, Tonka. Heart notes : Rose, Jasmine. Base notes : Citrus. 139 €

Dior addict lip luminizer, Dior

beauty, glitter, and gloss image beauty and summer image
The packaging is sooo pretty and the pink colors are my favorite. 36 €

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