yerin said after they have done the subunits for walpurgis night, they want solo songs. here are my wishes for the songs and concepts!

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gfriend: night drive (yuju and eunha unit), better me (sowon and umji unit) and secret diary (sinb and yerin unit)

sowon <pporappippam>

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now one of gfriend main producers is frants, the same who worked with wonder girls and sunmi. they just need to get on that studio and get a banger like this:

yerin <neon>

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i think she would shine so much with a song like this because she has this type of charm that fits in perfectly, but i would love to see vocal-rin getting more vocally challenging stuff if she wants

eunha <i got love>

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she choose a gain song and it gave me these ideas, i don't know if she would go for a complete paradise lost kind of stuff (maybe sunmi pre gashina!), so i think i got love is perfect... jazz would suit her voice so much

yuju <voice>

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before she's done with power ballad let me have a power ballad solo like heaven before she goes full dally dally or heize pop lmao

sinb <eclipse>

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the way i can see sinb here perfectly !!! it hurts !!! her voice would suit this kind of slow jam sm but i can see her going for one shot two shot by boa too. dance oriented pop r&b.

umji <jam jam>

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just like yuju with heaven, umji matched so much with her twenty three stage, her voice is similar to iu so i think this kind of playful and soothing song would be perfect for her but she can go for something dreamy like sogyeokdong too, i can see her writing beautiful lyrics to it.


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