As I promised in video no. 578 I tried a Starburst painting again, but this time I just drizzled some paint on canvas and blow it out. As I expected I got gorgeous pearl lacing and a lot of amazing details.

Technique: Drizzle and blow acrylic pour

- Amsterdam greenish blue
- Golden payne's grey
- Golden bright aqua
- DecoArt Americana metallic deep sapphire
- Pearl white
- Amsterdam oxide black

- 10x10 canvas
- Acrylic paint mixed with pouring medium
- Hairdryer
- Torch

My pearl white mixture:
1 part Vallejo pearl medium
1 part titanium white
2 parts pouring medium

All my paints are mixed with Boesner Guardi acrylic binder and Dufa acrylic emulsion.
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