favourite member

zayn malik, zayn, and one direction image
zayn (very in love w him)

first song you heard

one direction, Harry Styles, and zayn malik image
what makes you beautiful (duh)

favourite song

music video, zayn malik, and Harry Styles image
so hard to choose but i think one thing, it was my favourite when i was little

favourite song cover

one direction, liam payne, and zayn malik image
teenage dirtbag, such a fun performance

favourite album

album, music, and songs image
take me home

favourite up all night song

one direction, Harry Styles, and liam payne image
i already said one thing so second would have to be up all night (the song)

favourite take me home jam

one direction, Harry Styles, and niall horan image
either live while we're young, c'mon c'mon, or over again

favourite midnight memories track

one direction, Harry Styles, and liam payne image
strong or right now

favourite four anthem

one direction, liam payne, and niall horan image
no control / 18 / night changes (WHY IS IT SO HARD TO PICK JUST ONE???)

favourite made in the a.m. bop

one direction, niall horan, and Harry Styles image

favourite music video

midnight memories, niam, and liam payne image
midnight memories

have you been to a concert?

no it's so sad i would've absolutely loved to go see them!

favourite era

Harry Styles, one direction, and harry image Image by 🌪️ one direction, liam payne, and louis tomlinson image niall horan, one direction, and niall image
take me home / midnight memories (during the filming of this is us)

favourite niall song

Lyrics, niall horan, and music image
this town

favourite harry song

quotes, coldplay, and Lyrics image
sign of the times of course

favourite zayn song

zayn, Lyrics, and zayn malik image
pillowtalk and she

favourite louis song

louis, Lyrics, and miss you image
miss you

favourite liam song

lyric, liam payne, and one direction image
strip that down (or polaroid)

ahh if you read this then thank u!
love & light