hello! this is an article inspired by a thread on twitter to celebrate the birthday of our king harry edward styles. during these 27 days i will be updating the article with some of my favorite moments and things about harry. feel free to do yours too or get inspired! now it's time to praise (again) this wonderful human being who changed my life!

♡ day one: favorite album

album, sweet creature, and one direction image quotes, words, and book image Harry Styles, aesthetic, and boots image art, beautiful, and blessed image
Harry Styles

♡ day two: favorite song from "harry styles" the album

Lyrics and miss image 90s, call, and aesthetic image Harry Styles, sign of the times, and one direction image fine line, nature, and vintage image
From The Dining Table

♡ day three: favorite song from "fine line"

Harry Styles, one direction, and lights up image Image by thais. (not my pics) edit, fine line, and meme image beach, style, and summertime image
Lights Up

♡ day four: favorite suit from "live on tour"

Harry Styles, live on tour, and harry image Image by Lola Harry Styles, harrystyles, and styles image Image by Lola
Live On Tour, Los Angeles, Night 2

♡ day five: favorite presentation

Harry Styles image blue, aesthetic, and theme image Image removed acoustic, boy, and celeb image
Tiny Desk Concert, 2020

♡ day six: favorite unreleased song

Image by noura Harry Styles image handwriting, Lyrics, and Harry Styles image love, couple, and kiss image

♡ day seven: a feat you want to happen

Image by ♡ quotes and Taylor Swift image memories, photography, and vintage image Harry Styles image
Harry Styles feat.Taylor Swift

♡ day eight: favorite music video

Harry Styles, falling, and Lyrics image falling and Harry Styles image theme, aesthetic, and drink image falling, lyric, and Lyrics image