hey love,

i'm bored and i was thinking about tattoos, an idea came to me so here are some tattoos i want. enjoy :)


tattoo, gun, and aesthetic image tattoo, snake, and aesthetic image
for some people, snakes may seem scary or harmful (they are at times) but in my opinion, i think snakes are cool as fuck and i want one as a pet. so yea


fleur de lys, tattoo, and lily flower image art, flower, and lily image
lilies are my favorite flower, specifically tiger lilies. they represent fresh life and innocence, and it's my cat's name :)

female body

tattoo, flowers, and woman image delicate, grunge, and minimalist image
this is about the beauty of the female body, all of us at one point struggle with our body shape and this tattoo shows the beauty of it


electric, guitar, and tattoo image idea, Tattoos, and guitar image
i love rock. and i think it's funny that when i go back to the old days i used to hate rock and now i love it and i've connected to it*

my drawings

art, black, and deep image art, black, and drawing image
i've always wanted some of my drawings as my tattoos, the two above are some of my favorites. the one on the left represents two sides, one that struggles and one that shows strength. the right one shows how i've been coping mentally, it honestly feels like i'm being ripped apart

little symbols

tattoo and fire image finger, fire, and flame image
i would really want a finger tattoo even thought i know they hurt a lot, but a flame would be especially cool because for me fire represents anger and i struggle with it a lot


butterfly and tattoo image butterfly and tattoo image
when i was younger i used to be so afraid of butterflies but when i see them now i always stare in adoration, i feel like every butterfly i see is on a journey and i love it

sun/moon tattoo

tattoo image tattoo, moon, and sun image
the sun and the moon are both so opposite but in a way if feels like one can't function without the other


tattoo image artist, black, and Brushes image
i've always loved painting and drawing because it's so satisfying and therapeutic


little, mundo, and world image aesthetic, alternative, and world image
i've travelled a lot but i miss travelling and as soon as we kick corona's ass i'm getting on a plane


tattoo and skin image tattoo, planet, and astronaut image
i've always been fascinated with space ever since i was a kid, i love movies that has to do with space exploration and stories

i hope you guys liked this article and stay safe