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the moon sign is not your astrological sign (sun sign), you can find out which is your moon sign clicking this link:


aries moon ♈︎
your emotions are more important than everyone else's because you think your emotions are harder to bear than thiers. super whiny about whatever's bothering you that day. you think you've had it worse and you think everyone should know. very immature about handling with emotions. You won't listen to other emotions because you'd rather 'keep to yourself'.

taurus moon ♉︎
you're materialistic and boast about it. you always want to know other's problems to assert to yourself that at least you aren't domb enough to have thier problems. you think the only way to win an argument is with a manipulative ultimatum. you think everyone needs your approval to feel their emotions.

gemini moon ♊︎
you always want to know everyone's emotions and problems because you want to see what would happen if you told everyone involved. you can't be held responsible. you think everyone's over-exagerrating thier problems. you always wait too long to apologize. deflecting is your motto.

cancer moon ♋︎
you'll probably cry over this. you're way too overemotional. you tell everyone you follow your new breathing exercise when you start to freak out and panic. you get things by making others feel guilty for you. unhealthily possessive of people and objects, probably shown in childhood, 'she can't be your favorite, she's already my favorite!'

leo moon ♌︎
you want everyone to pity you beacuse you thrive on attention. also wanting people to hate you beacuse you thrive on attention, even if it's negative, so you hurt them. you get upset when you walk past people and thay don't say 'speak of the devil!' or start whispering and pointing. you are dramatic but when you're recounting your past problems but always make your current problems seems better because you don't like to admit that you actually can't do everything by yourself.

virgo moon ♍︎
you preach comminucation but you always fail to actually communicate. you claim to know the best for everyone and you will blame anyone else when your plan went south. everyone treats you as their welcome mat and you let them. you worry to the point of panic. you aren't actually the smartest person you know even though you think you are.

libra moon ♎︎
you are the most boring person emotionally. you bottle up your emotions really well until you can't take it and you explode. you can never tell when it's going to happen so you spend time driving people away before it can. you think you need to interfere with everyone else's problems. 'stick a pin in it' is your favorite quote.

scorpio moon ♏︎
you're sensitive but can't deal with anyone knowing it. you can't handle your 'intense' emotions. you want to be emotionally detached but you always end up oversharing. your unhealthycoping mechanism aren't as cute asyou think they are. you common sense seems to stop whatever you encounter a slight problem.

sagittarius moon ♐︎
you can't handle staying somewhere for too long. Your random daydreaming is annoying. you're always clueless to other people's emotions, stemming from the fact that you just don't care. you get so consumed in you beliefs that you won't listen the reason or the truth. You think you can test you limits but then you end up in bed, moping for three days

capricorn moon ♑︎
you think your responability equates to your emotionlay maturity, but you are one of the worst at dealing with your emotions, you need efficenty and sacrifice neatness to do it. But you won't accept anyone else's feelings unless they're perfect or they benefit you. you always have a hard time emotionally connecting with people.

aquarius moon ♒︎
your crave individuality so much that you'll ruin your life with anything that makes you feel different, like drugs. you can't emotionally connect with people beacuse any sign that someone feels the way you do feels like a personal attack. aloof with their emotions.

pisces moon ♓︎
you claim to have everything under control but you can't even handle your own emotions. When people talk about needing to use baby gloves they're talking about you. You're judgment about everyone else's emotions but you always have a justification for yours.

xoxo, Francesca