We were all put through the ringer in 2020. A new year is here, and the perception from some is that we can put all the challenges of last year behind us. Realistically speaking, a change in a calendar year doesn’t magically solve all our woes.

No, we’re not being negative. 2020 was not just a little bad, it was consistently bad. We’re all now working towards a better tomorrow. And, like every positive change in life, it takes time.

So, here we are in 2021. We’re bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, hopeful as ever that it’ll be a year to remember for all good reasons. First, we may have to iron out some kinks. And, that’s okay because the best things are rarely easy, but always worth it!

During your journey in 2021, you may come face to face with challenges that will make you feel lost, weak, confused, and defeated. What then? Fight harder! Think about what you’ll gain if you keep working towards your goals, or positive changes. And then think about what you will lose if you just give up completely.

Queue epiphany moment here!

If you’re saying to yourself, “easier said than done right now,” stop. We have effective ways to instantly pick yourself up, and keep you moving forward.

Enjoy the journey, the destination will be worth it!

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Stop Misunderstanding Strength

Strength doesn’t mean that you’re always in a great mood. It doesn’t mean you are completely self sufficient, and never need an ounce of help. It also doesn’t mean that you don’t have a single worry in the world. Strength means that you can keep moving forward, even when it gets difficult. Strength means you’re still standing firm, and hoping for better things from your future.

Staying strong for too long can backfire

Perhaps the problem is not that you’re feeling weak currently. Perhaps the true problem is that you’ve felt pressured to stay strong for too long. As a result, this makes you hold in your emotions. You then act like everything is perfectly fine. Stop pretending, be honest with your emotions, release the mental tension. Doing this will liberate so much weight from your soul, and give you true strength.

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Admit you’re struggling

You don’t have to do everything on your own. Don’t push away people who want to help, in the name of independence. It’s perfectly fine to show your vulnerability, express your emotions, and ask for help. Don’t be ashamed of your feelings. Everyone goes through hard times. The best freedom from the struggle is that may not have it all figured out, and could use some help.

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Weak Moments Give You Strength

You might feel like everything in your world is going wrong. You might be wondering how you’ll come out of this in one piece.The truth is you’ll come out of it stronger than you were before. And when that happens, you are going to look back at everything, and have an appreciation for yourself, and how you pushed through it all to get here.