so we've come to part five of poetry I have written

Pitter patter
The keys go clicking
And the gears go grinding
Always rushing
Never stopping
Breaks become something to envy
Life becomes a burden

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Compared to all the stars
We look
We are nothing but
A blip in
The universe

moon, stars, and sky image space, galaxy, and stars image

We all wear a mask
Of fake and slander
But once we unveil ourselves
Worlds open
Up into

daniel gerhartz image earth, globe, and spin image

The world is a circle
Both literally
And figuratively
For we are trapped in
A loop of existence
To which we must
Break free

aesthetic, circle, and alternative image girl, sunset, and aesthetic image

Has my life become
Wishing my world would change
And chasing
After forgotten dreams
That I wish
I could ride away on

art, horse, and photography image adventures, city, and travel image

It clenches
It seizes
My head spins
My world collapses
I cry

aesthetic, cigarette, and grunge image building, flowers, and collapsed image

The point
Is not clear
We can guess
But with no answer
We put things out
With nothing in return

book, quotes, and aesthetic image alone, cliff, and fog image

and thus ends our very existential part to this series