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I can’t rhyme
Not even in ¾ time
It just doesn’t click
So I’m not that slick

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In even all the worlds we’ve ever lived
Id still choose to be with

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It matters not that we are born to die
But rather
That we live to love

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If ur eyes were pools
I'd spend eternity
Basking in the warmth of your
Playing in the cool waters
Filled with the essence of your

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And with the air we
We should do greatness
We strive upon
Meaningless words
And empty

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When the words
Overcome you
And you are
Swimming in their
That’s the moment
You know
Life is more
Than just
A feeling

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Between stolen glances
I look at your
Imperfectly perfectness
And sigh
At your sheer beingness

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Space is taken
Thoughts are expressed
Magic is made

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and this is the end of fourth part