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Poetry either
Wows you
Bores you
To death

art, camouflage, and sketches image black, dark, and goth image

“How can you possibly enjoy spending the day fantasizing about a fictional world?”
He asked
“How can you not?”
I replied

hogwarts, wallpaper, and harry potter image best friends, harry potter, and map image

Good writers
They come from experiences
They know
They live
And breathe
Whatever they

friends, sunset, and aesthetic image wings and angel image

I copy
Words and sayings
Everywhere else is
And the world
Around me

art, cool, and lights image amazing, dreams, and red image

We spend our lives
And waiting for more
In the hopes
That we can finally
Go home

beautiful, buildings, and home image dreamer, my, and own image

My life
Is a mess
My poetry
Is not the best

Image removed nun, smoke, and grunge image

When we are near
The stars dance
And the birds sing
And fire erupts on our skin
And our brains travel to
A million

couple, love, and Relationship image aesthetic, art, and color image

and this finishes the third part of this series