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10 things you want in your dream house

book and library image paris, city, and balcony image art, aesthetic, and painting image luxury, home, and house image flowers, bath, and pink image dream home, florida, and home image

- a library
- lots of paintings
- a bathtub
- a pool
- walk in closet
- a round staircase (like blair's)
- a balcony
- outdoor kitchen
- a wine cellar

9 favorite things about your favorite season

alternative, interior, and bedroom image girl, sea, and sand image Image by O H H O N E Y beach, book, and summer image drink, style, and fashion image summer image

- the sun
- traveling
- food
- the beach
- reading outside
- hammocks
- cocktails
- music festivals
- the smell of sunblock

8 songs from your childhood/early teen years

- everything by one direction
- baby, justin bieber
- payphone, maroon 5
- love story, taylor swift
- tell me something I don't know, selena gomez
- pump it, black eyed peas
- oops!...i did it again, britney spears
- thriller, michael jackson

7 qualities you look for in a significant other

jesse rutherford, couple, and devon carlson image Image by VIOLET, YOU'RE TURNING VIOLET! Image by t o n i body, rest, and feelings image

- honesty
- likes to read
- feminist
- sweet, lol
- funny
- compassion
- respect

6 things you do when you wake up in the morning

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- snooze
- eat breakfast
- skincare
- check my phone
- read
- listen to music

5 fictional characters/celebrities you identify with or are similar to

actor, letters, and boys image black and white, feelings, and teens image Clueless, fabulous, and quotes image better, blair, and gossip girl image

- elizabeth bennet, pride and prejudice
- natasha kingsley before she fell in love, the sun is also a star
- emma, noget om vitus
- blair waldorf, gossip girl
- cher, clueless

4 pet peeves you have

- loud chewing
- foot tappers
- people using my belongings without asking
- people who don't return things

3 colors you wear the most

fashion, outfit, and girl image everyday look, black ankle boots, and chic elegant image alternative, fashion, and style image fashion, girl, and aesthetic image

- blue
- white
- black

2 talents you wish you had

- singing
- play the piano

1 thing you’re looking forward to right now

- for corona to be gone

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