confessional time. after years of being a casual loona listener/fan (who still somehow knew all of their names despite not stanning)- i did it. so in october ya girl had her first comeback with them as a full-time orbit. ngl it was all the loonaverse theories i saw on my twt timeline and i got so invested lol. and holy shit, they're all so talented and they exhibit high-peak clown behaviour- why didn't i stan them sooner omg. these girls are climbing up my list of ult groups fr. but yeah! this is the first k-pop tag i've done in a while so i thought it would be fitting.

first bias
kpop, lq, and loona image cat, red, and black image
my bias list has been a fucking mess ever since i stanned okay (every person who stans a large group ever)
current bias
aesthetic, post, and liminal image jinsoul, loona, and jung jinsoul image
no matter what hair colour she has i will still be a huge simp for her and her talents periodt.
bias wreckers
yves and chuu
yves, chuu, and loona image aesthetic, book, and soft image
all hail the lesbian icons
song that made me stan
butterfly and so what
gif, sky, and kpop image
well technically butterfly made me a casual stan (most iconic choreo wow) and i knew all their names because of it but so what era made me an orbit.
favourite solo song
Temporarily removed
it literally changes every week but eclipse slaps everytime ugh my aquarius queen * chef's kiss *
favourite sub-unit
odd eye circle
loona, jinsoul, and kim lip image aesthetic, alternative, and art image
i knew they were the ones when i watched that one video of jinsoul banging her head on the table
favourite sub-unit title track
gif, yves, and chuu image
heLLo~ fiNallY INtrOdUciNg... LoONaAaAaaA
favourite vocalist
jinsoul and chuu
kpop, lq, and jinsoul image girls, kpop, and chuu image
seems biased of me but holy shit miss jinsoul??? is so talented???? queen of adlibs i love her and chuU don't even get me started on her this little bean holds the vocals of a siren i swear her voice is so addictive
favourite dancer
gif, yves, and loona image
please i want to be her when i grow up
favourite rapper
choerry and yeojin
loona and choerry image yeojin, loona, and loona lq image
bye these women are so talented i simp
favourite concept
aesthetic, asian, and beautiful image
is that bitch yes
favourite solo b-side
see saw
loona, gowon, and kpop image baby's breath, close up, and bouquet image
something about the combination of gowon, chuu and kim lip is so- idek how to explain but yes.
favourite sub-unit b-side
rain 51db
yellow, aesthetic, and cake image loona, kpop, and aesthetic image
the early 2000s karaoke vibes are immaculate with this one
favourite album
loona, kpop, and yves image nails, blue, and butterfly image
she's just superior luv.
favourite ++ b-side
details, kpop, and chuu image loona, heejin, and jeon heejin image
miss kimberly lippington with the gorgeous adlib at the end- * chef's kiss *
favourite xx b-side
loona and olivia hye image aesthetic, purple, and art image
for some reason i love talking about her more than my own biases but miss lip's lines in the second verse when they all squat always sends me into a gay panic i love it
favourite # b-side
number 1
background, red, and aesthetic image preview, yves, and loona image
the diversity of their discography ugh i never thought i'd love a group's b-sides like i do with seventeen's but loona seriously proved me wrong.
favourite 12:00 b-side
loona image 80s, 90s, and abandoned image
i canNOT STRESS my love for universe it is such an ethereal experience everytime it plays like i was literally brought to tears the first time i listened to it (also lets talk about miss gowon in the new moon teaser)
favourite choreo
butterfly and voice/star
gif, chuu, and loona image
i don't need to explain butterfly but voice/star is such an addictive song and the choreo is so cute and fun+ the dance break with centre gowon goes hARD.
underrated visual
aesthetic, shoe, and beige image Image by Amelia
funniest member
the entirety of the group are clowns
faceless, Halloween, and yves image girls, yeonjin, and yeojin loona image
it was the why not dance practice in the halloween v-live for me <3

ah anyway stan loona you cowards.

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