hello everyone, in this article I'll review and talk about all 15 seasons of Supernatural! Either if you have already seen it or want to start it, welcome! Yes, it's been a while since the finale but I'm finally writing this. So let's get started!

↪ no spoilers ahead ↩

Supernatural is a drama/horror TV show that first aired on September 2005 and the finale episode aired on November 2020. Unlike other shows, Supernatural it's notbased on a book or true story. The creator of this show Eric Cripke created a wonderful story that soon was going to be a hit. All the seasons consist of 20+ episodes of a 42 runtime.

Supernatural is about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester who continue their fathers work life. To saving people, hunting things, the family business. Over the years, they will meet with a bunch of supernatural creatures, angels, demons, they will make friends and enemies but it won't be easy.

But what is Supernatural really about?

This show is all about family and friendship. Family love and pain. Yes, every single episode they deal with a new threat but at the end of the day, they're humans and they can break. They never had a normal childhood or an easy life, they will have loses, maybe more pain than happiness, that everyone can relate. These two brothers had to raise themselves all their life, they had to be strong and never give up. They had to be better that what they grew up with.

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I'm sure, all the people who are into the supernatural or even those who aren't will really love this show. The characters are just amazing and they go into this really deep character development, you will also grow up with them. They're funny, comedy is really important in this show, great jokes. Awesome scary stories about literally every single supernatural creature. Once, the creator said that this show could go on and on forever since these kind of stories never end and Sam and Dean could go on hunts for a really long time.

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So, Supernatural is a family show. It's for teenagers and for the grown ups, of course I would consider this that kind of show that you have to watch once in your life. Is it long? Oh, absolutely! And 15 seasons are not really easy to finish but believe me it's worth it! I know that a lot of people have quit since season 7 or 8 because it's really long but they just get better and is really worth continuing or watching it.

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My first and last reaction:

I first watched this show when I was literally a kid and I was a little scared in the first episodes but trust me, Supernatural is not that kind of scary show that you have to close your eyes while watching it. It's not inappropriate in any way. But soon I fell in love with every single character and just everything about the show in general. I was so obsessed.

All the episodes are so entertaining and exciting, you learn so much, not just how to survive life in general but... Also how to survive these supernatural creatures. Yep, you could also be a hunter. There are so many legends and folklore in this show. Yes, there are episodes that I feel pretty neutral, I think every single show has that, right? But the first 4 seasons are pure gold and will always be iconic. Then the other seasons have really great, creative episodes, honestly, I was always so shocked to see them. The last seasons are also really good.

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In the beginning I was more obsessed with it but of course you are more into a show when you just watch that and over the years I started other one but of course I loved it as much I did in the beginning. It taught me so much, I have cried and laughed with this one. It is and I think forever will be my second favourite show ever. EVER.

The performances:

The main actors who play the brothers who of course the story is only focused on them, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have done an absolutely, incredible job for the past 15 years. No one else could ever. They're truly amazing actors who brought to life some characters that I will carry with me for the rest of my life, Misha Collins who also plays a really important character did an unforgettable job as Castiel and of course there are other actors who of course are less on the show but still we appreciate them as much as the others.

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This show really has good writing, is creative and absolutely underrated. I'm so thankful that we had all these episodes and seasons and I would love if it could continue some more years but everything has an end right?

This show is definitely a 4.5/5 show but in general it deserves 8.6/10.

Like I said, there is good directing and a wonderful, talented cast and is overall such a good show.

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Is this show worth watching?

In this I'm going to talk about some "debates" that people have about this show. Supernatural has helped me so much like I said, it's so important with to me but it has never really shows any representation, eat least about LGBTQ+ community, there are badass characters and females, of course but the writers has never explored another side of the characters and of course they should have a long time ago.

But it is an entertaining show, you will love it, I'm sure. If you have stopped watching it, please continue it. So much happens, and.... You will smile and cry with them. This show broke my heart so many times.... You know what I'm talking about right?

The development:

Like I mentioned, a really important thing about this show is what the characters go through and how much they develop. So many sacrifices, blood and tears to shed... The characters are so aesthetic, old-fashioned in a way, they would die for their loved ones, they care, they love but at the end of course they're not invincible.

The more people they know, the bigger the family becomes, this is their life, this is their job and they can't stop, because there's always a new threat, they never get a rest... The only characters we ever need.

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This show has my heart and soul forever. Dean and Sam Winchester I will always love you. Thank you to Jensen, Jared and Misha for these wonderful, long yet short 15 years of amazing storytelling. It's such a good show that you should definitely watch right now. They will teach you so much. I will miss them so much but please don't forget them!

The finale had me in absolute tears, I was shocked, so depressed. Of course the whole fandom was mad, angry and disappointed but... We can't change it right? It feels so wrong but yet kinda right? Still, they will always live in my heart. They deserved better and may this fandom never die!

Goodbye Supernatural!

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— “A wise man once told me, 'family don't end in blood.' But it doesn't start there either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them family's there; for the good, bad, all of it. They got your back, even when it hurts. That's family. That sound like your mother?”

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