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We came to the most recent Little Mix album's ranking today and I'm so happy that I finally made this because Confetti is one of their best albums so far. I hope you enjoy this ranking, because I loved writing it!♥

13. Holiday~6,5/10
I'm not happy to put any of these songs to the last place, because for real I wouldn't skip any of them except for Holiday sometimes. I like it and the music video is just on another level but the song itself is something I wouldn't listen to too often.

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"I've been looking for the feeling, looking all my life"

12. Breathe~7/10
Breathe is one of those songs that I naturally like, but I only listen to it when I'm sad or when I need something to chill to. Let me just say the vocals in this song are insanely beautiful and the lyrics make me want to cry sometimes.

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"Now I can't erase your number I'm still sleepin' in your jumper."

11. My Love Won't Let You Down~8/10
I still can't listen to this song without any tears in my eyes. It's about the most beautiful friendship in the world that I could ever imagine. The vocals really get me all the time, especially the lower notes. It's rare to see the girls sing this low and I'm definitely here for it.

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"We can sit on the edge of your bed Tell me all of the fears in your head"

10. Confetti~8,5/10
Confetti is THAT bitch, everytime it comes on I can't stop dancing and singing. It makes me feel like THAT bitch too and I love that.

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"Should've left your ass from time ago Didn't love me then but now I do"

9. Nothing But My Feelings~8,5/10
Honestly this is one of the sexiest song Little Mix ever released and I stand by that. I love how good the lyrics are and I love how they express their feelings for this "fictional" lover and what they want from this person with actually beautiful words.

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"And I ain't taking off my makeup 'Til you take me down"

8. Not A Pop Song~9/10
They really did something here. The sass and the amount of honesty in Not A Pop Song makes the lyrics the best I've heard on this album. Simon might be really mad now. They easily explain how hard it is to be in the music industry and how hard it is to be seen by the media everytime you step out of your house especially as a woman. They finally step out of everyone's shadow and say they won't do what "Simon" says and they won't sing another meaningless pop or party song.

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"I don't do what Simon says Get the message 'cause it's read"

7. A Mess(Happy 4 U)~9/10
This song is either all about accepting the fact that someone you loved is now in love with someone else or about you being so mature to accept someone's happiness without you. This song is actually heartbreaking especially after the news about our girl Jesy. I really appreciate how this one is something you could cry your eyes out to while you're shaking your ass off.

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"If I can't be happy, happy with you I'll be happy, happy for you"

6. Gloves Up~9/10
When I first heard the album not gonna lie, Gloves Up immediately became my favorite. With it's sound, the vocals, everything made me feel like the most powerful person in this world. Let's just talk a little bit about the chorus. Perrie killed it as always and I was shocked we got these kind of strong, powerful vocals from Leigh, these two girls owned the song.

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"I got my eyes on the prize Fight 'til the day that I die"

5. Happiness~9,5/10
What do I need to say? This song is about nothing but happiness, and about embracing your happiness that you found in yourself after a long time. This shows that you don't need to have anyone in your life to love you if you have yourself.

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"Realized from the moment I set you free I found the love, I found the love in me"

4. Rendezvous~10/10
Rendezvous is a bop ad no one can change my mind. The beat makes me want to dance and the lyrics are brilliant. Another one where they express their feelings while they stay quite mature.

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"Say if you need a ride I could be right outside"

3. Break Up Song~10/10
I don't know why is Break Up Song so hated in the Mixer fandom, but it's kinda weird because in my opinion it's one of the bests on this album. The vibe is amazing, the feelings, the notes, everything what defines Little Mix is in this one and I love it.

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"For all those tears that I cried I sing it louder tonight Let it play on, and on,and On and on, and on"

2. If You Want My Love~10/10
It's a bop and it deserves way more recognition. Let me just highlight the girls vocals here. Even if I'm sad, I can't skip this song, it's so good.

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"Now you're ringin' on my phone Tryna get me all alone But it's Saturday night And I'm on a vibe, baby"

1. Sweet Melody~10/10
When I say they're four of the most talented girls in the music industry, I'm definitely not joking. Sweet Melody is such a great song, and it deserves to be well known everywhere. It's my favorite from Confetti at the moment.

Image by Briden Ynkinson Image by Briden Ynkinson jesy nelson and little mix image clip, dance, and Hot image
"In a whole 'nother life There was this boy that I knew"
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