Hello again everyone!

drum rolls

I got the Switch and Animal Crossing for Christmas!!! (I asked these so much that it was technically impossible that I didn't get them...)

I've been playing the game for more than a week now, and I'm really enjoying it so far!

I can now rewrite this article and see how much I was right (or rather wrong) about what I wished to get!

This article was originally inspired by @spreadingrumors 's tag article:

1. What is your villager's name?

This hasn't changed! My villager's name is Allie! She's such a cutie!

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2. What is your island name?

I stuck with my choice of Alizéa, related to the wind and the ocean! I got the blue airport!

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3. What is your native fruit?

My native fruit is the cherry! And I got roses as native flowers... I would have prefered pansies, but well...

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4. What is your favourite fruit?

My favourite fruit is the pear I think, but I only have cherries, peaches and coconuts at the moment!

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5. Who is your favourite villager(s)?

My absolute favourite villager is still Poppy! She's so cuuuuute! I love her so much! I also love Fauna, Sylvana, Molly, Lily, Erik and Dobie!
But it makes too much "normal" villagers, choices will have to be made... I'm currently thinking about finishing with Poppy, Fauna, Molly, Lily, Sylvana, Whitney, Dobie, Erik, Teddy and Henry... Wait and see...

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6. Who is your least favourite villager?

lmao, my least favourite ones still are Beardo and Barold, like... what...

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7. Who were your starting villagers?

I started with Axel and Sylvia... Could have been worse... Then I met Sydney and Sherb on mystery islands, who both came to my island alongside Cookie! And my camping villager is Kidd... well... not my favourite ones but, once again, it could have been wayyy worse!

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8. Favourite online feature?

I love meeting one of my bestfriends on the game, coming to each others islands, hitting each others with our nets and stealing our fruits... Wait...

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9. What would your catchphrase be?

It would be "sweetheart"!

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10. What would your personality be?

I would be a normal villager!

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11. What is your favourite hobby?

I love talking to my villagers and running with them haha! I also absolutely love to create new patterns and designs! Gonna create this kind of room for my art! And can't wait to unlock the terraforming!

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12. Have you finished any part of your museum?

Not yet, obvisouly! But I'm already well advanced in the fossils and fish parts!

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13. Did you play any of the past AC games?

I didn't play any AC game before! This one is the first one!

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14. Do you have any of the brand new villagers? If not, who is your favourite out of the 8?

I have Sherb on my island! But he'll not stay... Audie would be my favourite maybe...

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15. What is your favourite season/what season are you excited for?

I'm so excited for autumn/Halloween season! Can't wait! But as I started my island during winter, I still have a long time to wait...

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16. What is your favourite time of day?

I love the sunset! It's always so beautiful and magical!

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17. Favourite K.K. song?

I love Welcome Horizons and Bubblegum K.K.! But I'm currently looking for a more chill song...

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18. Is there anything inspiring your island layout?

The witchy forest theme still makes me dream! My island will be hugely inspired by this theme!

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19. Who is your favourite nonvillager?

I love Isabelle, Mabel, Celeste, Blathers and Leif,

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20. Have you time traveled?

Not and I still don't think I would... I'd love to slowly enjoy the game and not rush things!

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Thank you so much for (re)reading this article! I'm so excited about this game! Can't wait to live more adventures!

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- Allie ♡