Happy New Year🐺
올해는 항상 보고 싶은 오빛에게 꼭 직접 무대를 보여 드리고 싶어요

I really want to show our performance in person this year for Orbits, who I always miss.
#이달의소녀 #LOONA #OliviaHye

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Happy New Year🦋
올해도 저희의 새로운 모습 기대해 주세요! 오빛이 있어서 행복한 2021년이에요

Please look forward to our new look this year! 2021 is a happy year because of Orbits.
#이달의소녀 #고원 #LOONA #GoWon

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Thank you for reading, i hope you enjoyed! hope you have a nice day/night and that you're well and healthy!
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